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GMC Denali Road Bike Review: What You Need to Know

GMC Denali Road Bike Review

Biking is great for your health and the environment. A quality bicycle is not exactly cheap, however. When you are spending several hundred or thousands of dollars on a product, you deserve to get the most for your money.

So how do you see past the marketing mantras and gimmicks to pick the best option? We hope this GMC Denali road bike review, and the other bike reviews included, help you make the best purchasing decision.

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What Is the GMC Denali Road Bike?

The featured product of this review is the GMC Denali Road Bike. It is a budget-friendly bike designed for casual or speed riding. Since it is lightweight, cyclists can enjoy a relatively easy mid-range cycling experience.

The model offers a variety of speeds and long-lasting durability. It affords a casual bike ride with quick and smooth shifting on hilly, twisted, or flat roads. Since it comes in a wide variety of sizes, many heights and weights of riders can be accommodated.

All that said, we would not advise this bike for training or competitive cycling. However it is a great bike to build yourself up to reaching a higher level of riding. All that said, let’s take a look at the Denali’s specs.

GMC Denali Road Bike Review Product Specs

Digging into the specs of this bike, the GMC Denali road bike has an aluminum frame. Using aluminum makes the bike lighter for easier riding and also keeps the cost down.

The bike has 21 speeds and a Shimano drivetrain with Shimano RevoShift shifters. The shifters afford a smoother transition between gears.

We like the drivetrain and shifter features because they support a more comfortable ride on a wider variety of terrains.

The breaks use a side-pull brake caliper and lever mechanism. As far as chainstay length, the Denali’s is 415mm, standard for its size. A 415mm chain is ideal if most of your regular biking will not be uphill.

The chain also gives more control during turns and easier power transfer to the bike. The stack is a little shorter than standard at 57.0cm with a reach of 40.0cm.

However the shorter stack equals comfort, albeit with a slight sacrifice to aerodynamics.

The Denali’s reach provides a contrast to its shorter stack. It is longer than most comparable bikes. The longer reach may adjust for the aerodynamic sacrifice of the shorter stack.

With regard to weight, at 30 pounds this bike is heavier than professional grade bikes. Yet the extra weight provides stability on downhill slopes, so we cannot fault it.

The head tube is 72 degrees to support balance and quick steer reaction. The top tube length of 67.9cm, that means you will be bent over slightly further during your ride.

It is the need for a bent position that makes us feel this is an intermediate bike. While this is a good bike overall, upgrading the brakes will make it better.


We can’t have a proper GMC Denali road bike review without talking about cost. The GMC Denali costs around 200 dollars. We feel that the price is low considering it has 21 speeds and an aluminum frame.

You could easily pay 500 dollars or more for something comparable. The low price of the Denali is one of the reasons we feel it stands out. It has an intermediate level quality at an entry-level price.

As we look at some other bike options, the difference in the Denali’s quality for price become more clear.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to our GMC Denali road bike review featured product.

  • Tommaso Imola Endurance Road Bike
  • Diamondback Haanjo Trail 24 Road Bike
  • Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

GMC Denali Road Bike Review

1. GMC Denali Road Bike

GMC Denali Road Bike, Black/Green, 25-Inch/Large
  • 21-speed road bike features a lightweight aluminum frame
  • Alloy side pull brake calipers and levers. High-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims
  • Size suggestions-small- 5.1-5.8 inches,stand over-29 inches,medium- 5.8-6.0 inches,stand over-31 inches,large- 6.0-6.5 inches,stand over-34 inches.36 Spoke alloy nutted wheels.21 speed shimano twist shifting
  • Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo shifts makes it easy to change gears quickly and smoothly
  • High-performance 700c tires are up to the challenge of rigorous street racing


The features on this bike are ideal for intermediate casual riding.

Assembly Time

This bike needs minimal assembly.

Design Quality

The design of this bike is good overall. Although some key measurements are shorter or longer than the average, they still work out to provide decent aerodynamics.


We would ideally give this bike five stars for comfort. However, since you do have to bend over for the ride, and it is not easy to go up hills, we docked a star. We appreciate the unique design.


This bike performs well for its class.


The GMC Denali comes with an excellent limited lifetime warranty.


  • Inexpensive
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight


  • Seat is uncomfortable
  • Brakes are not adequately responsive
  • Brake levers require more strength to use
  • Gears may need fine-tuning

2. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds - Black - XXS
  • YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND MORE: Because Tommaso is a direct to the consumer brand you can now get a bike with 100% Shimano gears, super lightweight aluminum frame, and lightweight wheels for an amazing value. Tommaso gives you value like no other brand. We provide a lifetime frame warranty and great service through our U.S. based customer service team.
  • THE IMOLA IS AFFORDABLE PERFORMANCE, NOT ENTRY LEVEL: If you are just getting into cycling or returning after a long hiatus, this is your bike. New and returning cyclists don’t need “beginner bikes”, that won’t meet your needs or last. You deserve affordable performance! The Imola embodies the idea of affordable performance with a full Shimano groupset you hope is on bikes costing $100’s more. Compare the Imola’s specs with any bike, and you will see the difference between us and the competition
  • YOU DESERVE A COMFORTABLE RIDE: Our compact frame geometry offers a more relaxed position for all riding styles, with a shallow handlebar drop so that you can still be comfortable when riding in the drop position. We even added extra control on turns by equipping the Imola with wider 25mm, 700c road bike tires. SIZING: If in-between sizes, sizing down is a more comfortable ride and sizing up is a more aggressive, race feel.
  • BUILT TO LAST: All too often things are made cheaply and break before their time. We believe that bikes should be reliable and built to last. This is why we use premium aluminum in our frames, and back it with our industry leading lifetime warranty. We use only Shimano components, which are backed by Shimano’s two year warranty and function better than competitors. Ride with confidence! PLEASE NOTE: ALL BIKES ON AMAZON COME UN-TUNED. PROFESSIONAL ASSEMBLY REQUIRED TO VALIDATE WARRANTIES

Another budget friendly and well made bike option is the Tommaso Imola. This bike has mass popularity and serious aesthetic appeal.

You can get the bike in three colors: black, burnt orange, and white. It is designed and manufactured in Italy and can only be purchased online. Most reviews on Tommaso’s entry-level aluminum road bike are positive.

The frame design on this bike is standard for its class. It is not heavy and provides enough comfort for uphill biking and uneven roads. Instead of skimping on the drivetrain, the bike is outfitted with a Shimano Claris group set.

The gear combo is 3×8: a good choice for beginners. Granted, the gear selection is not as high as the featured bike in this GMC Denali road bike review, but that is an intermediate bike. The 3×8 is suitable for a beginning road cyclist.

The Shimano Claris group set derailleurs should be durable as long as they are adjusted properly and regularly. We recommend a professional adjustment the first time around.

With regard to wheels, they are in-house Tommaso Corsa TC-20’s. The TC-20’s are less aerodynamic than some company’s more expensive options. The front wheel is 20 spokes whilst the back has 24.

The tires on this model are Kenda’s 700x25c. The width is good for transitioning. Wrapping up the specs, it cannot go without saying the fork is steel and that adds to the bike’s weight.

Overall, we are still impressed with this bike’s overall construction and quality. We did have to take it into the shop in order to true the wheels; but otherwise we couldn’t have been happier.


This bike has basic features. Nothing is wrong with the offering, and it is pretty standard for the price point. However nothing is impressive either; hence our three star rating.

Assembly Time

This bike requires professional assembly in most cases.

Design Quality

We like the design quality of this bike. It is attractive and outside of the fork, which can’t be changed without upping the price. We have no complaints.


This bike provides a comfortable ride on most terrains.


This bike performs well as a beginner and transitionary bike.


This bike only has a two-year warranty


  • Light Aluminum frame
  • Shimano Claris components
  • Easily upgraded
  • Available in six sizes


  • Heavy rims
  • Professional assembly may be needed
  • Uncomfortable saddle
  • Steel fork

3. Diamondback Haanjo Trail 24 Road Bike

Diamondback Haanjo Trail 24 Alternative Road Bike - 2016
  • 6061 Aluminum frame is light, strong, corrosion resistant
  • Disc brakes have excellent modulation and superior all-weather stopping power
  • Geometry is perfect for comfort riding, all-terrain riding, commuting, and fitness
  • Shimano Claris 8-speed drivetrain for smooth, responsive shifting

We said we would deliver a bike option for everyone on this GMC Denali road bike review, and this next pick does just that. If you have a child ready for a bike like mom or dad’s, the Diamondback’s Haanjo Trail 24 is a great choice.

It was designed as a drop-bar alternative with a hydroformed aluminum frame, integrated shifters, and disc brakes.

Although this is a child’s bike, it has a Shimano Claris 16-speed drivetrain. It is also outfitted with 24-inch high-volume tires and has a semi-knobby design that provides excellent grip on concrete or gravel.

The bike’s head tube means your child will have an easy time steering and good vibration absorption.

Assembly Time

The assembly on this bike is quick and easy.

Design Quality

We think the design quality on this bike is very good; especially for a child’s bike.


This bike provides a comfortable and steady ride for children.


This bike performs well overall.


This bike has a lifetime fork and frame warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Well designed
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for youth


  • Seat is uncomfortable
  • Not suitable for most adults

4. Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed 700c
  • 6061 Double Butted Aluminum Frame - Lightweight
  • A050 Thumb Shifters
  • 700c Doubled Walled CNC Machined Wheelset with Quick Release Skewers
  • 21 Speed Drivetrain to Handle Any Situation
  • Free Pedals Included, Bike is Factory Direct, Assembly & Tuning are required

Vilano is known for producing high-quality road bikes. The R2 is an excellent option for commuters. It is an entry level bike at a wallet-friendly price that has a variety of high-end features.

The frame is fully aluminum with a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain and three speed shifters. At a weight of 27 pounds, this bike is on the lighter side for entry-level bikes.

The R2 comes in a variety of colors and upgrades. You can get it in 50 cm, 54 cm, or 58 cm sizes. Something this bike has that none of the other bikes on this GMC Denali road bike review have is a water bottle mount. We feel this is a nice touch for commuters.


This bike is not packed full of features, which is why we gave it 3 stars. However, since it is a commuter bike, we don’t have the expectations for it that we would have for other bikes made for off-road use.

Assembly Time

This bike is easy to assemble.

Design Quality

The design on this bike is excellent. The only thing that could make it better would be if it were collapsible.


This bike provides a comfortable, lightweight ride.


This bike performs well as a commuter bike.


This bike has the shortest warranty on our review at only one year.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Includes water bottle holder
  • Good color variety
  • Platform pedals
  • Reliable breaking system


  • Not suitable for riders of all weights
  • Would prefer a collapsible version
  • Assembly and tuning are needed

GMC Denali Road Bike Review Conclusion

In this GMC Denali road bike review we have covered everything from entry level and intermediate bikes to children’s bikes and commuter models.

The variety should give you an idea of what is available on the market. Circling back around to our featured product, there are a few things we want to touch on.

Denali Roundup

The frame of the Denali is mostly aluminum. Although aluminum is a decent material, we cannot compare it to materials like carbon fiber.

Obviously a carbon fiber frame would be better; but it would also be significantly more expensive, adding something like a thousand dollars to the price tag.

What we like about the Denali is that it provides a happy medium between intermediate features and entry-level price. After all, unless you are a hard-core bike rider with professional aspirations, spending several thousand dollars on a bike won’t make sense.

The availability of 21 speeds is a major bonus. That flexibility normally comes with a higher price tag. We are also pleased with the warranty GMC offers on the bike.

Where we do see room for improvement on the Denali are in areas that would take the bike to the next level of both grade and expense. So for a bike in its class, we feel a 4.5 star rating is fair.

You will get more with the Denali than you will with most bikes in its price range. We feel it is a smart buy for savvy consumers.

However, if you are looking for something a bit different, we encourage you to check out one of the other options on our list. One of them is bound to suit your needs.

The Best Two Person Hammock to Take on Your Next Camping Trip

Best Two Person Hammock

Your outdoor escape won’t be complete without the best two person hammock. Hammocks are one of the most loved pieces of equipment when camping, going to the beach, or embarking on any travel that involves living in nature.

If you’re tired of sleeping bags or roughing it on the hard floor of your tent, then consider what a two person hammock can offer to your small family or companion.

best two person hammock with stand

A great thing about two person hammocks is they make it easier for you to fall asleep and have a restful sleep, even more than a bed. Due to the hammock’s swinging capabilities, it relaxes your body, rocking you to sleep. Just like a rocking chair or cradle, it quiets your mind.

Also, a hammock eliminates pressure on the body, which is ideal not only in preventing aches and pains, but also for alleviating joint and back problems.

​Because a hammock is elevated from the ground and you’re being suspended in air, there’s no pressure on the body.

​Things to Consider in a Hammock

When it comes to finding the best two person hammock, there are several things to consider. Things like waterproof features, fabric types, pillows, padding, and even whether it comes with a storage bag will be important to look for, but three things you must think about that will be unique to your personal interests and needs are weight capacity, overall size, and shape.

In regards to weight capacity, a good two person hammock will be able to accommodate two adults comfortably. That means the hammock should hold up to at least 450 lbs. If you plan to use this hammock for two people to be on at a time, this is important.

best double hammock with stand

As for overall size, you want to stretch your legs every now and then when you’re on the hammock. Make sure you look for one with a length that’s long enough for you to lie on it straight.

Also included in this is the weight of the hammock. Especially if you’ll use the hammock for traveling and it won’t be stationary in your back yard, you’ll want one that won’t be too heavy for you.

In terms of shape, determine how you will use your hammock. If it will serve as your second bed, you’ll want one that’s more like a cocoon instead of a flat board.

The cocoon will allow for more movement that will hold you in and prevent you from falling, which is common with a flat board one. However, if you want to be able to read a book or stare at the clouds, a flat board hammock will suit that.

​About Our Review

​If you don’t want to fuss over the Internet or around stores for the best two person hammock, let our review save you time.

We’ll go over ten of the most popular two person hammocks on the market today, evaluating their special features and relative costs. We’ll end with our top choice that won’t let you down and is sure to be a good investment.

​FAQs About Two Person Hammock

​What Is the Best Two Person Hammock?

​The best two person hammock is a suspending swing “bed” that can accommodate at least two people, usually at least up to 400 lbs. It’s attached to and supported by tree trunks or poles.

​What Are the Special Features of a Two Person Hammock?

The best two person hammock will have its own unique features depending on model and brand, but in general, they will have quality in mind. They will come with all the ropes, carabiners, and even storage you need for travel and easy setup.

​The fabrics will be comfortable and breathable. It should accommodate even those with back and joint issues, and keep you cool even in the warm months.

​How Do You Set Up a Two Person Hammock?

​Setting up any hammock from our list of the best two person hammocks is easy. Most come with everything you need to attach the hammock to a pole or tree. Once the rope is secured to the hammock using carabiners, simply tie or secure it to a tree trunk or pole on both ends. No tools are needed.

​How Do You Care for a Two Person Hammock?

The best two person hammock is generally machine washable. A major exception is if the hammock has a wooden spreader, which can’t be detached. Hammocks with this feature are hand washable.

​To extend the life of a two person hammock, always store it in a storage bag, which many come with.

​How Long Can a Two Person Hammock Last?

​The best two person hammock can last easily up to five years or more, even with regular use. If used correctly, it can be a good investment.

​How We Reviewed

We started compiling our list of the best two person hammocks by going to those who are experts in them: outdoor and travel enthusiasts.

We research many blogs, reviewing opinions and recommendations on hammocks currently on the market. We gathered their thoughts on durability, comfort, included accessories, and overall setup and experience.

Once we determined our ten hammocks, we went to sporting goods and big box stores to see which of these products were being heavily advertised, and what buyers thought about them.

Our selection of the best two person hammocks can be found at outdoor recreation stores such as LL Bean and Dick’s Sporting Goods, big box stores such as Target and Walmart, and at online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

best two person backyard hammock

​Overall Price Range

​The general price range for our list of the best two person hammocks is around $20.00 to $70.00. Prices vary depending on many factors, such as size, weight capacity, and even type of fabric.

Lower priced hammocks tend to have a lower weight capacity, some accommodating up to 200 lbs., while some higher priced hammocks can accommodate up to 800 lbs.

Fabrics that offer durability and water resistant features tend to be common in higher priced hammocks versus the lower priced ones.

​What We Reviewed

  • ​Best Choice Products Quilted Double Hammock
  • ​The HangEasy Portable Camping Hammock
  • ​WolfWise Outdoor Double1-2 Person Ultralight Camping Hammock
  • ​Legit Camping – Double Hammock
  • ​Rusee Double 2 Person Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks
  • ​Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock
  • ​MalloMe Hammock Camping Portable Double Tree Hammocks
  • ​Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock
  • ​WildHorn Outfitters Outpost Double/Single Camping Hammock with 11′ Tree Straps
  • ​Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Quilted Fabric Swing with Pillow

10 Best Two Person Hammock​

1. Best Choice Products Quilted Double Hammock

Best Choice Products Quilted Double Hammock w/ Detachable Pillow, Spreader Bar - Blue and Green Stripe
  • Pairs perfectly with or Adjustable Hammock Stand for Hammocks 9-14ft Long, SEARCH: B071V89F8H (SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • Designed with a unique, tasteful color combination to accentuate your backyard
  • Fits up to 2 people and includes a detachable pillow for extra comfort as you lay and relax on the soft, cotton fabric
  • Hardwood spreaders and metal rings on the end provide a stable bed to lay on and relax, and includes 2 chains for easy set-up
  • Includes a carrying case for easy transportation; Bed Dimensions: 75"(L) x 55"(W); Weight Capacity: 450 lbs. bullet and description


This is a solid hammock designed to hold around 450 lbs., perfect for two people to relax in the outdoors together. The fabric can last for years, made of double quilted cotton that’s UV resistant.

You don’t have to worry about falling over with this hammock because of its wide frame, which includes hardwood spreaders with metal rings on each end.

​In addition, it comes with a detachable pillow for extra comfort and control in neck support.

​The HangEasy Portable Camping Hammock

Double Camping Hammock - Portable Two Person Parachute Hammock for Outdoor Hanging. Heavy Duty & Lightweight, Best for Backpacking & Travel. Meadow Edition (Magenta/Light Green)
  • ✅ EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN THE BAG!!! Designed to provide an amazing outdoor experience without the frustration and hassle of other lesser quality hammocks. For serious hammock enthusiasts only. Made from the highest quality materials and components to keep you safe, comfortable, and off the ground in seconds. ✅Includes premium HangTight Hammock Straps
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE COMPACT SIZE - Perfect hammock for camping, backpacking, hiking, hanging out on college campus, and more. It’s large double size allows two adults to lounge comfortably & ensure a good night’s sleep for one. The attached compression stuff sack, with buckle, compacts the hammock down to a backpack friendly size. UPGRADED stuff sack is now water proof & large enough to fit the included hammock straps. Unfolded Dimensions: 9.5 ft (long) x 6 ft 2 in (wide)
  • ✅ ULTRA SOFT & DURABLE RIPSTOP NYLON - Made from premium breathable 230T ripstop nylon that is extra soft and comfortable on your skin while also providing extra protection from stretching and tears. Reinforced with triple interlocking stitched seams.
  • ✅ PREMIUM WIREGATE CARABINERS & SLINGS INCLUDED - Our quality aluminum carabiners are the only type you want to use for your hammock. They are lightweight, durable, and have no sharp edges that will snag your hammock or straps. UPGRADED hammock slings (suspension ends) are now made from 100% polyester that have zero stretch and are dramatically stronger than the nautical rope commonly used on other camping hammocks.
  • ✅ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - You are protected by a lifetime, no-questions asked, money back guarantee along with world class customer service!


​If you want a no-fuss hammock that’s easy to set up, take down, and store, this one is it. It’s made from high-quality materials like ripstop nylon that’s soft, durable, and waterproof. It’s resistant to tears and breathable, allowing you to rest comfortably on it for hours.

​It’s the perfect camping companion, being lightweight and portable. It’s large enough to accommodate two adults easily, but compact with its compression stuff sack, which is included. Also included are premium wiregate carabiners and slings that ensure you have everything you need.

​2. WolfWise Outdoor Double1-2 Person Ultralight Camping Hammock

WolfWise Outdoor Leisure Double 2 Person Cotton Hammocks 450lbs Ultralight Camping Hammock Red
  • Relax in the park, your backyard, and more with this sturdy, lightweight, and spacious hammock built with an interlocking string pattern for reinforced stability.
  • Premium basma fabric construction resists spills and is air-permeable for easy cleanup and comfortable resting without hot spots.
  • Supporting up to 450 pounds and supporting two people, this hammock's decorative and stable Chinese knot loops on either end are braided with 164 thickened strings for enhanced weight distribution.
  • Dense (320 grams per square meter) and thick fabric resists stretching and wear.
  • Each pack includes one hammock with a bed size of 78.74 inches by 59.05 inches and a convenient matching carry bag for easy transport.


​This is a highly portable and easy to set up hammock that you can take camping and to the park. It’s made of premium cotton that’s durable and breathable.

The fabric is also resistant to spills, which makes it easy to clean. It’s spacious enough to hold up to 450 lbs. and two people.

​Once set up, you don’t have to worry about stability. It has Chinese knot loops on each end with 164 thick strings that distribute weight and reinforce stability. It comes with a matching carry bag for easy storage and transport.

​3. Legit Camping – Double Hammock

Legit Camping Hammock - Hammocks - 2 Person Hammock - Tree Hammock - Double Hammock - Portable Hammock - Outdoor Hammock - Hammock - Travel Hammock - Hammocks for Outside - Heavy Duty Hammock
  • EASY TO SET UP - Setting up these hammocks is a breeze and can be done in a matter of minutes, even for hammock beginners.
  • VERY COMFORTABLE TO SLEEP IN - This 2 person hammock has high quality stitching with plenty of room to spread out and get cozy.
  • PLENTY OF ROOM FOR TWO COMFORTABLY - Share this camping hammock with a friend, have a snuggle, stretch out or even have your pup with you in our hammocks.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Our hammocks for outside are so small and light to travel with & easy to throw in a backpack making it the perfect backpacking hammock.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SET UP - Everything comes in a convenient bag that is attached to the tree hammock for camping and it's so easy to hang up anywhere.


​This hammock is the perfect travel companion for the beach, woods, and even festivals. It’s large enough to accommodate two people and up to 400 lbs. Made of military grade nylon, it’s durable and so comfortable that you can fall asleep on it. It comes complete with a storage sack that you can easily stuff the hammock in when not in use. Being lightweight, you can take it anywhere.

​Have confidence that this hammock won’t let you down. It can withstand rain, wind, and the rugged outdoors for years. Included are steel carabiners, rope, and tree straps.

​4. Rusee Double 2 Person Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks

Rusee Double 2 Person Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks 450lbs Ultralight Camping Hammock Portable Beach Swing Bed with Hardwood Spreader Bar Tree Hanging Suspended Outdoor Indoor Bed
  • Double Person Hammock Hardwood Spreader Bars - Easy fixing, just fix the hammock with 2 binding strings and tie the strings to trees or poles. Easy to carry and pack with the same color sack.
  • High-strength Camping Hammock - Safely holds up to 450Ibs. The rope joint is specially weaved according to physics rules in order every string stand the same weight and the hammock is strong enough.
  • Super Lightweight Travel Hammock - Adopt a special high-density breathable canvas fabric as material, crease proof, pleasant to looking and feels comfortable.
  • Outdoor Hammock - Versatile, durable, and compact. Ideal for hiking, camping, climbing, boating, traveling, picnic, back-yarding, or garden and yard use.


​This is your classic beach inspired hammock that works perfectly for any outdoor environment. All you need are trees or poles, and the hammock does the rest. Setup is a breeze, only requiring you attach binding strings to the hammock, then tie on to the tree trunk or pole.

​This hammock can accommodate two people, and a collective weight of up to 450 lbs. With its hardwood spreader, pressure is evenly balanced, ensuring stability and durability. The cotton canvas fabric is breathable and lightweight. Included is a matching storage and travel sack.

​5. Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Grand Trunk Ultralight Camping Hammock - Lightweight and Portable Travel Hammock for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Beach, and Other Travel, Green
  • PERFECT STARTER HAMMOCK: Ultralight and comfortable, take it anywhere and anytime. Whether you just need to relax in your backyard or take a break during a hike, this hammock has got you covered.
  • SINGLE USE: With weight capacity at 300lbs and dimensions of 9'6" x 4'6", the single hammock is ideal for the young adventurer.
  • DURABLE: Equipped with triple-lock stitched seams and 2 nautical-grade carabiners to get you all set up.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: When you are all done using the single hammock, fold it up and place it right back into its carry bag and you are on your way.
  • IDEAL GIFT: Grand Trunk Hammocks are the perfect gift for adventurers both young and old. Take a nap, read a book, relax and more with this stylin' hammock.


​This hammock is perfect for beginning users who want to get an idea of how great a hammock can be and how easy it is to use. It can comfortably accommodate one adult or two children, supporting a total weight of 200 lbs. It’s compact, making it great to throw in with the rest of your gear, even your backpack, and go.

​The fabric is durable, extremely light, and comfortable. Made of ripstop nylon, it has triple lock stitching for ultimate strength. It includes S hooks, carabiners, and tree straps.

​6. MalloMe Hammock Camping Portable Double Tree Hammocks

MalloMe Camping Hammock With Ropes - Double & Single Tree Hamock Outdoor Indoor 2 Person Tree Beach Accessories _ Backpacking Travel Equipment Kids Max 1000 lbs Breaking Capacity - Two Carabiners Free
  • Best Selling Hammock! – You don't need to break the bank! We have designed this hammock to provide everything you need to get on with your hang without emptying your wallet. The set includes the MalloMe Hammock, ropes and snag free carabiners ALL IN ONE set
  • Most Comfortable Hammock Ever! – Our luxurious single hammocks are measuring 300 x 200cm (118 x 79 In.) Perfect for boat trips, camping, backpacking, hiking, road trips, traveling, general exploration and even in your own backyard!
  • Super Strong - Unique strap design has breaking strength of 1000 lbs! Twice as strong as most competitors. Hammock material made from premium 210T nylon fabric.
  • Ultralight & Compact - Stuff sack is conveniently sewn right into the hammock so you never lose it. Packs down to about the size of a volleyball weighs only about 1.5 lbs including hammock ropes.
  • Fast & Easy Setup - Unfolds from included stuff sack in just seconds. Includes two high-strength carabiners and ropes that make setting this up both fast and extremely simple for even the most novice user!


​If you want a comfortable hammock that can hold a lot of weight, this is it. It’s great for holding two adults, even with children. It can accommodate up to 800 lbs. easily. Made from tear resistant nylon, its strong, breathable, and perfect for lounging or napping in on warm weather days.

​It’s also lightweight, coming with a storage bag that when full, weighs around 1 lb. You can easily carry it on your next camping or beach trip. Setup is easy, only requiring carabiners and ropes, which are built to last with their breaking strength being up to 1000 lbs.

7. ​Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Lightweight Camping Hammock, 1 to 2 Person, Red/Charcoal
  • Hammock for two: The DoubleNest is versatile, durable, and compact, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or lounging around with a friend.
  • Adventure ready: Weighing only 19 ounces, the DoubleNest stuffs easily into attached storage bag. Packed Dimensions: (L x W) 5" x 5"; Unfolded Dimensions: (L x W) 9' 4" x 6' 2".
  • Trustworthy material: Falling is not an option, unless it's to sleep. Made from 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta, this breathable, quick drying nylon supports up to 400 pounds. (HAMMOCK STRAPS NOT INCLUDED)
  • Master the art of lounging: Includes Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners and nautical grade line with stainless-steel snap links allowing you to secure the DoubleNest to trees, poles, boat masts, or even the wall.
  • Please note: ENO attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric available in production, so the color and stitching of the your hammock might vary from what is pictured.


​This hammock is great for lightweight travel, weighing a mere 19 ounces. It’s designed for two, being able to hold a total weight of around 400 lbs. Made from 70D high tenacity nylon, it’s breathable and quick drying, not only ensuring comfort, but saving you time in airing it out.

​You don’t have to worry whether you have exactly what you need to pitch this hammock. Also included are aluminum wiregate carabiners, a nautical grade line with stainless steel snap links, and attached storage bag.

​8. WildHorn Outfitters Outpost Double/Single Camping Hammock with 11′ Tree Straps

Wildhorn Outpost Double/Single Portable Camping Hammock with Cinch Buckle Tree Straps
  • SIZE - At 10'8" long with 11' tree straps, the Outpost I camping hammock is the longest on the market.
  • LITESPEED - Our best-in-class LiteSpeed suspension system uses cinch buckles made from cold rolled steel for easy hang and adjustments.
  • LITESPEED - Our best-in-class LiteSpeed suspension system uses cinch buckles made from cold rolled steel for easy hang and adjustments.
  • QUALITY - Constructed with 70D parachute nylon and tested up to 1000lbs making it strong, durable and quick drying.
  • WILDHORN GUARANTEE - We're part of the new age of outdoor companies. Our gear is affordable, unique, and accessible to all those who dare to ventu


​This hammock is simple to deal with, from setting up to setting down. It has no loops, no knots, and full adjustability. A special feature is its tree-friendly LiteSpeed kit, which allows you to hang this hammock in seconds with its suspension strap system.

​Made from 70D parachute nylon, this hammock is durable, holding up to 400 lbs easily and tested to hold over 1000 lbs. To add to this, it’s close to 11 feet long, giving ample room to accommodate two adults, even with a small child. Everything fits into the integrated stuff pack for convenient travel.

9. ​Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Quilted Fabric Swing with Pillow

Lazy Daze 12 FT Double Quilted Fabric Hammock with Spreader Bars and Detachable Pillow, 2 Person Hammock for Outdoor Patio Backyard Poolside, 450 LBS Weight Capacity, Dark Cream
  • 【Lazy Daze Premium Hammock】The double-layered quilted polyester with inner polyester padding and a polyethylene stuffing head pillow offer you superior comfort. 55 inches hardwood spreader bar with powder coated in an oil rubbed finish, making it more stylish and stable.Handcrafted polyester ropes add character and authenticity, and thickness of the end cords contribute greatly to the balance and strength of the hammock
  • 【Wide Use】This hammock is perfect for patio, garden, backyard, poolside or balcony. It brings you an amazing experience no matter you are reading a book or taking a nap on our hammock
  • 【Product Dimension】Bed dimensions: 78 x 55 inches (overall length: 141 inches); Weight capacity:450 LBS. Perfect for 2-person use
  • 【What’s In The Package】1 Quilted hammock, 1 pillow, 2 chains and 2 S-shaped hooks are included in the package. If you want a hammock stand, please search ASIN B01CS4FRLM for steel hammock stand and ASIN B01N0RU371 for wooden arc hammock stand to purchase them
  • 【Excellent Customer Service】We provide friendly worry-free service for our customers. If you have any problems with our products, feel free to contact us


​If you’re looking for ultimate relaxation, this hammock delivers just that. It’s made from double-layered quilted polyester, with padding that includes a head pillow for balanced comfort.

With a capacity to hold up to 450 lbs, it can easily accommodate two people. Its polyester ropes are durable and thick, offering extra strength and balance.

It also has a spreader bar for guaranteed stability. The package includes a pillow, hammock, and two built-in chains.

​The Verdict

Even with our selection of the best two person hammock, it can still be a bit of a challenge to choose one. Though we’ve narrowed down your search significantly, there’s something admirable about each one of these that can pose a problem in making a selection.

So if you simply need a universal hammock to lounge in on all your adventures, or when the warm weather calls, consider our top choice. That is the HangEasy Portable Camping Hammock.

We appreciate how you don’t have to be familiar with setting up hammocks to put it together — no experience required. It comes with all the gear you need to do it: the carabiners and slings. It even comes with a compression stuff sack for compact storage.

Also, it’s made to last, and at around $$ it will far exceed what you paid for it in value. Its quality ripstop is soft, strong, and waterproof. It’s also breathable, keeping you comfortable and cool for hours. You might find yourself preferring it over your regular bed in the summer.

​With hundreds of positive reviews online, there’s no question if you’ll be satisfied with this two person hammock.

What Is Dry Camping? Ultimate Guide

What Is Dry Camping

Dry camping has exploded in popularity over the last few years, which has people wondering, what is dry camping? Dry camping provides the ultimate experience of true freedom.

Also known as “boondocking” or independent parking, dry camping refers to staying in an area with no electrical hookups or water.

Dry campers must bring whatever they need, which is why dry camping requires knowing these 10 things you need to plan on.

RV enthusiasts usually dry camp in remote, beautiful places. Technically, dry camping can be done anywhere, but boondocking refers to dry camping far from civilization.

What Is Dry Camping? 10 Things To Plan On

Dry camping means parking an RV where there are no electrical hookups or water. It requires planning and preparation because the dry camper must conserve resources.

Those able to meet this challenge enjoy harmony with nature in some of the earth’s most majestic spots. When people ask themselves, what is dry camping, they soon learn they can think of it as off the grid living in an RV.

How do you create a great dry camping experience? For starters, think carefully about the location and capabilities of your RV.

After all, what is dry camping without it? Remember, a 40-foot RV may be fantastic in some places, but its size makes maneuvering to less accessible locations more difficult. If renting an RV, make sure to understand the RV’s capabilities and its compatibility with the environment where you intend to dry camp.

Once you’ve chosen your RV and destination, it’s time to prepare your vehicle for an extended stay where there’s no option to resupply.

Water Management

Water management should top every preparation list. Without proper water management, the dry camper is forced to return to civilization too early. It’s important to know how much water your RV stores.

Water is easier to manage in larger RVs because they can store enough water for an extended stay. Small campers are subject to severe limitations.

It’s wise to find out if there is a water source, such as a freshwater lake, nearby your intended campsite. Water can be retrieved from the lake and, if you bring a water filter, be cleansed and used for drinking, bathing, and cooking.

If no water source is available, consider taking your RV into town periodically to load more water.

Dry campers must manage freshwater, gray water, and black water. As the name implies, black water is the waste matter from the toilet tank. Gray water consists of dirty water not contained in the black-water tank, including water that has been used for cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

Freshwater is fit for drinking. Gray- and fresh-water conservation are the most important factors in water management. Here are some water conservation tips that will extend your dry camping adventure

  • Attach a garden hose to a dump cap and use it to spray bushes and plants with your gray water
  • Collect rinse- and dishwater and use it to water plants
  • Bring a solar shower, which can be filled from a lake or river and provides a hot shower without depleting onboard supplies
  • Catch excess water in a plastic dishpan while showering and reuse (not for drinking)

What is Dry Camping without Conserving Resources and Being Green?

Dry Camping without Conserving Resources

Black-Water Tank Management

Blackwater must be disposed of at a garbage dump and can never be emptied outside. To extend your stay, you’ll need a large black-water tank. Consider a cassette toilet.

These toilets have an external compartment that contains a larger tank. Permanent and portable cassette toilets are available.

Electricity Management

Most campgrounds provide 120-volt electricity access, which allows RV campers to enjoy air conditioning, microwaves, and all the comforts of home.

Dry campers must make do with the 12- volt system provided through their RV’s batteries. The 12-volt systems power lights, the water pump, and the refrigerator, but microwaves and air conditioning are out of the question, so dry camping in the desert during summer may be a bad idea.

Once the batteries run out, so does your electricity. Consider these electricity-saving tips:

  • Turn off all lights and appliances when not in use
  • Use one light at a time
  • Use a battery-operated book light to conserve energy
  • Bring a 120-volt generator to help conserve your battery power

Get Solar

If you really want to dry camp for extended periods, then you need a renewable source of energy. No power source is more renewable than the sun. A solar-power system allows you to recharge your batteries and extend your stay.

Solar-power systems are also low maintenance, have no moving parts and make no noise. The initial costs can be a little steep, but once in place, solar-power systems provide endless electricity at no further cost.

Don’t Forget the Propane

Many RVs have built-in propane systems. These systems operate fridges, heat water, and power your cooktop. Propane is clean and long-lasting. If you bring two tanks and conserve your propane, it can last for months.

Park Intelligently When Dry Camping in Civilization

Park Intelligently When Dry Camping in Civilization

On your way to and from your wilderness retreat, you may need to dry camp at a rest area, parking lot, or neighborhood where the locals could take you for a nuisance.

The best way to avoid being harassed is to make your RV look like it’s parked. Keep the sunshade down and don’t leave chairs or other items outside. Some people may think you intend to camp there long term and want you to leave.

Trash Management

Trash management while dry camping near a town may not differ greatly from at a campground; however, when boondocking, trash management becomes a challenge.

It pays to consider trash management before leaving home. By packing foodstuffs that have less packaging, you’ll have far less waste to contend with. Consider bringing some food items in Tupperware or other plastic containers.

This way you never bring the packaging with you in the first place. This method works great for items like pasta and cereal. In addition to reducing waste, you’ll also lock in freshness.

It’s a good idea to bring a special, sealable container for garbage. This keeps rodents and other creatures away from your camp. One boondocking enthusiast brings a large plastic container he compresses the trash into and stores in the bed of his pickup truck.

Be sure to find out what wildlife is in the area that might take an interest in your garbage. For example, if bears live in the area, extra precautions are a must when managing trash and foodstuffs. Consider bringing bear boxes and storing food and garbage in them.

How to Stay Online Even When in a Very Remote Place?

How to Stay Online Even When in a Very Remote Place

If you want to boondock, be sure to bring a cell signal booster. These devices make the Internet usable in areas where access is spotty and very slow. It’s important to be able to communicate with the outside world from your cellphone. It’s impossible to know when an emergency might strike. A cell signal booster can literally be a lifesaver.

Consider Installing a Low Power Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans cool rooms by ten degrees. When air conditioning isn’t an option, a ceiling fan can make all the difference. Low power fans run on 12-volt electricity, make little noise, and are a far more economical way to stay cool than air conditioning.

Get A DC To AC Inverter

When boondocking, bring a DC to AC inverter, which converts 12-volt DC battery power to 120-volt AC power. The inverter allows you to charge AC powered devices without running a generator.

The inverter charges laptops and phones and allows you to use a desktop computer and watch T.V. Unfortunately, running the air conditioning or microwave is still out of the question.

Batteries Are Your Lifeline

Dry camping means being off the grid, so regardless of the power source you use, batteries are the essential component of having electricity. One 12-volt battery won’t cut it. These batteries often don’t last through a cold winter’s night when the furnace runs frequently.

You’ll need several batteries. Some RV boondocking enthusiasts bring two 6-volt golf cart batteries and wire them in a series to drastically increase the time between recharges.

Check For Fire Warnings

Use the Internet connection you enjoy because of a cell signal booster to check on warnings during fire season.

Boondocking is a peaceful endeavor, but it can leave you isolated from important communications. Check in periodically and see if there are any fire dangers in the region.

Many campers want to spend an extended time in the deep wilderness far from cities and campgrounds. When people ask them, “What is dry camping?”, they respond that it’s an off-the-grid wilderness adventure.

They also want the safety and comfort of an RV instead of roughing it in a tent. Boondocking is the best way to enjoy nature while remaining secure from the elements and wildlife. It also provides a comfortable place to rest if illness strikes.


Creating a successful dry camping experience requires advanced planning that prepares for water, electricity, and waste management. Proper resource management and a few helpful devices, such as a cell signal enhancer and generator, make it possible to overcome the difficulties of being off the grid.

With all the right supplies packed in your RV, you’re ready to enjoy the remote corners of the world in comfort and safety.

The Best Towable Tubes for Endless Summer Fun on the Lake

Best Towable Tubes

Few summer activities ever rise to the level of being pulled behind a boat on a tube. The wind in your face, the spray of the sea or the lake, the exhilaration when you ramp off a wake or a wave; it’s simply a sublime experience. Thanks to the loads of angular acceleration you feel when in tow, the best towable tubes make for some of the best fun.

We wanted to cut the stress out of your search for the best towable tubes. For that reason, we compiled this review pitting ten of the top towables head to head against each other.

Each one of these was scored, outlined, and evaluated to give you an excellent understanding of what is out there on the market.

We will share these scores with you and even reveal which of these tubes we found to be the best. However, we should first answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the best towable tubes around.

FAQs About Towable Tubes

best towable tubes for toddlers

1. What Is a Towable Tube?

If you’ve ever been “tubing” behind a ski boat, you’ve been on a towable tube. These devices are usually synthetic waterproof material wrapped around a PVC or other type of inflatable. They stay above the water and provide a place for riders to sit or hang on.

2. How Many People Can Fit on a Towable Tube?

It depends on the model. Some are designed for no more than one person, whereas others can fit up to four people on them comfortably.

Ultimately, the question of how many people you want to bring along for a ride will determine much about which is the best towable tube for you.

3. What Are the Top Brands for Towable Tubes?

We found that Airhead, SportsStuff, and O’Brien offered some of the absolute best towable tubes out there on today’s market.

4. Where Can You Buy the Best Towable Tubes?

Most sporting goods stores of sufficient size will have a few towable tubes to offer. However, they usually do not provide a wide range of options.

The internet,on the other hand, is brimming with options as far as towable tubes are concerned. In the name of ease, all the entries on this list can be purchased on Amazon.

5. Are Towable Tubes Safe?

Yes, they are safe for the most part as long as you use them responsibly. Some people experience rope burns from the grips or from being flipped onto the tow line. These injuries are mild, however.

How We Reviewed

best towable tube for adults

After we composed our shortlist of the best towable tubes, we had to evaluate these entries. We did this according to the following criteria: price point, quality, features, pros, cons, and where to buy. This data ought to help you place each of these entries in relation to one another.

Overall Price Range

The absolute bottom end for one of the best towable tubes hovers around $98. The average entry on this list will go for about $250, whereas the most expensive models might ask an additional hundred or two above this midpoint.

What We Reviewed

  • Big Mable Towable Tube
  • AIRHEAD TURBO BLAST, 2 Rider Towable Tube
  • Airhead Mach Towable Tube for Boating
  • SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube
  • Airhead G-Force Rider Towable Tube
  • O’Brien Super LeTube Deluxe Towable Tube
  • HOT DOG 3 Person Towable Tube
  • AIRHEAD Live Wire 2

10 Best Towable Tubes

1. Big Mable Towable Tube

Sportsstuff Big Mable | 1-2 Rider Towable Tube for Boating
  • 1-2 rider tube for boating & watersports
  • Dual Tow Points - Tow from different points for unique riding experiences
  • Fully Covered - Heavy-duty full nylon cover
  • Speed Safety Valve - For fast and easy inflating and deflating
  • Kwik-Connect - Airhead's patented Kwik-Connect for quick and easy rope connection


The Big Mable is sure to put a smile on your face as surely as it has a smiley face design on its front. Shaped like a compromise between a lay-flat tube and a type of aquatic couch, the Big Mabel is excellent for either riding low and fast or high and in charge.


  • Can ride low for quick turns and high speed fun
  • Can ride high for a more chill experience
  • Price point is reasonable
  • Multiple grab points throughout


  • 350 lbs weight limit
  • Still bulky while deflated and folded

2. AIRHEAD TURBO BLAST, 2 Rider Towable Tube

Airhead Turbo 2 | 2 Rider Towable Tube for Boating, Red/Black, Model:AHTB-12
  • 1-2 rider tube for boating & watersports
  • Kwik-Connect - Airhead's patented Kwik-Connect for quick and easy rope connection
  • Partially Covered - Heavy-duty partial nylon cover
  • Speed Safety Valve - For fast and easy inflating and deflating
  • Padded Handles - Non-slip cushioned handles providing comfort and stability


The Airhead Turbo Blast is one spectacle of a two rider towable tube. We had to include it among the best towable tubes around because of its sleek design.

Like a stealth bomber with a double cockpit, this wedged-shaped towable makes you feel like you are flying across the water. The iconography is a bit on the goofy side, but you won’t really see them while riding.


  • Sleek design for cutting over bumps
  • Four nylon hand grips for staying on
  • Made from a durable 840-denier nylon
  • Bargain price


  • Goofy iconography
  • Seam scratches some users’ lower backs

3. Airhead Mach Towable Tube for Boating

Airhead Mach 2 | 1-2 Rider Towable Tube for Boating , Blue
  • 1-2 rider tube for boating & watersports
  • Kwik-Connect - Airhead's patented Kwik-Connect for quick and easy rope connection
  • Partially Covered - Heavy-duty partial nylon cover
  • Speed Safety Valve - For fast and easy inflating and deflating
  • Padded Handles - Non-slip cushioned handles providing comfort and stability


Another solid offering from Airhead, the Mach Towable Tube for Boating looks great in its ice blue. Not many tubes rely on this color scheme, and it makes this item stand out from the competition.

The overall design is much like a twin starship. You and your friend can ride in style with comfortable backrests and recessed seating for a more enjoyable time. It does cost a bit more than the Airhead Turbo Blast, however.


  • Great icy aesthetics
  • Two riders can enjoy comfortably
  • Still a reasonable price point


  • Not as cheap as the Airhead Turbo Blast
  • Unknown weight limit


Sportsstuff Big Bertha | 1-4 Rider Towable Tube for Boating
  • 1-4 rider tube for boating & watersports
  • Partially Covered - Heavy-duty partial nylon cover
  • Speed Safety Valve - For fast and easy inflating and deflating
  • Padded Handles - Non-slip cushioned handles providing comfort and stability
  • Kwik-Connect - Airhead's patented Kwik-Connect for quick and easy rope connection


If you thought that Mabel was big, wait until you see the Big Bertha provided by SportsStuff. Although its design is fairly traditional, it can still fit four passengers, making it one of the best towable tubes for its price point. The partial nylon cover was not too much of a bother and the quick connect system made it a breeze to set up.


  • Quick connect system is highly advantageous
  • Can comfortably ride up to four people
  • Classic but effective design
  • Price is reasonable


  • No proper seats
  • Can flip too often for some people’s tastes

5. SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube

SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube Yellow, Red, Black, Dimensions inflated (38in x 28in) deflated (45in x 36in)
  • Booster Ball Towing system designed to enhance the performance of one to four-person towable tubes
  • System includes 4K Booster Ball and custom tow rope; overall tow length of 60 feet with Booster Ball
  • Heavy-gauge PVC bladder; heavy-duty full nylon cover; reinforced tow system
  • Patented speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation
  • Hybrid system reduces rope drag, absorbs shock, and improves fuel economy


Did you know that some of the best towable tubes come with the ability to boost? That is exactly what is on offer with the SportsStuff Towable Booster Tube. While this device does not technically qualify as a rideable tube in and of itself, it does completely revamp the process of riding a towable tube.

The Towable Booster Tube raises the tow line off of the water so it can connect to the tube of the rider. This results in less splashing from the line and a wider range of action. If you want to take your tubing game to the next level, check out this product.


  • Enhances the ride of existing tubes
  • System reduces drag and whiplash
  • Helps fuel economy


  • Not a rideable tube by itself
  • Works best with single person tubes behind it


Sportsstuff Stunt Flyer | 1-2 Rider Towable Tube for Boating
  • 1-2 rider tube for boating & watersports
  • Fully Covered - Heavy-duty full nylon cover
  • Padded Handles - Non-slip cushioned handles providing comfort and stability
  • EVA - Provides a more comfortable ride and helps reduce chaffing
  • Kwik-Connect - Airhead's patented Kwik-Connect for quick and easy rope connection


SportsStuff really knows their stuff when it comes to water sports. Their Stunt Flyer adds another great item to their lineup of some of the best towable tubes on the market.

This tube focuses on daring jumps and other stunts that can be performed. If you consider yourself the Tony Hawk of water tubing, this may be the only option that appeals to you.

Eight handholds mean that you can easily find your grip. You can even switch between them mid ride for some nice tricks.


  • Eight sturdy hand holds
  • Quick inflation and deflation system
  • EVA foam body pads provide comfort for the rider
  • Low price point


  • No recessed seats
  • Basic design

7. Airhead G-Force Rider Towable Tube

Airhead G-Force, 1-4 Rider Towable Tube for Boating, Red (AHGF-3)
  • 1-3 rider tube for boating & watersports
  • Kwik-Connect - Airhead's patented Kwik-Connect for quick and easy rope connection
  • Fully Covered - Heavy-duty full nylon cover
  • Bolster Fins - Keeps riders secure while tubing
  • Padded Handles - Non-slip cushioned handles providing comfort and stability


It is no secret that we are not in love with the look of the “Mr. Airhead” mascot that comes with the Airhead brand tubes. However, we can put this minor gripe aside when the company consistently provides some of the best towable tubes for your money.

This particular model can fit up to three riders. Its speed valve saves a lot of time in inflating and deflating. It even comes with a Boston valve. If you need a tube that is tested for durability, there are few better options that the G-Force Rider Towable Tube.


  • Can fit up to three riders with ease
  • Speed valve and Boston valves save a lot of effort
  • Tested for durability


  • Subpar aesthetics
  • Pricier than other options

8. O’Brien Super LeTube Deluxe Towable Tube

O'Brien Super LeTube Deluxe Towable Tube, 70-Inch
  • 70" Diameter
  • Up to 2 Riders or 340lbs
  • Quick Connect Tow Hook
  • Fully covered 840D Nylon
  • 26 Gauge PVC


Finally, a proper donut-shaped tube! So many of the modern designs on tubes, especially some of the best towable tubes, have explored a wide range of shapes over the years.

Sometimes you cannot beat the classics, however, and that is exactly the strategy of the O’Brien Super LeTube Deluxe Towable Tube.


  • Diameter reaches 70 inches
  • Can carry up to two Riders
  • Can carry up to 340 pounds
  • Utilizes the Quick Connect Tow Hook technology
  • Fully covered in high quality 840D Nylon
  • PVC parts are of 26 Gauge


  • Not the cheapest
  • Not everyone loves the classic donut design

9. HOT DOG 3 Person Towable Tube

Airhead Hot Dog 3 | 1-3 Rider Towable Tube for Boating, Multi (HD-3)
  • 1-3 rider tube for boating & watersports.
  • Kwik-Connect - Airhead's patented Kwik-Connect for quick and easy rope connection
  • Fully Covered - Heavy-duty full nylon cover
  • EVA Padding - Provides a more comfortable ride and helps reduce chaffing
  • Padded Handles - Non-slip cushioned handles providing comfort and stability


We are now in the “food shaped” portion of the best towable tubes around. Whereas the O’Brien Super LeTube Deluxe Towable Tube resembles a donut, the HOT DOG 3 Person Towable Tube of course resembles a frankfurter in a bun.

This is a rare long tube. Anywhere from one to three riders can hop on this sausage and take to the waves. It provides a much different sort of experience as far as tubing goes. 


  • Unique design that looks like a hot dog
  • Immediately humorous upon first seeing it
  • Supports between one and three riders
  • Three 30-gauge vinyl air chambers are fully encased
  • Knuckle guards are made from soft neoprene
  • Kwik-Connect system is rated “Heavy Duty”
  • Price point is affordable


  • Some people prefer more straightforward designs
  • Rides differently than circular tubes
  • Cannot lie down while riding easily

10. AIRHEAD Live Wire 2

  • Dual tow points, ride sitting down or tow it the opposite direction chariot style
  • Comfortable foam filled nylon handles with neoprene knuckle guards facilitate different riding positions
  • Heavy gauge RF welded vinyl bladder and double-stitched full nylon cover, self-bailing drain vents
  • Patented Speed Safety Valves for fast easy inflating and deflating
  • Designed for 1-2 Riders, 73 in. x 67 in. (deflated)


Thanks to its dual tow points, you can ride the Airhead Live Wire 2 sitting down using the backrest and large cockpit. You can also tow it the opposite direction and kneel on it like an aquatic chariot.

Many comfortable foam and nylon handles help you keep your grip while neoprene knuckle guards make that grip comfortable. This uniquely-shaped towable looks great, even despite the cheesy Airhead logo.

You know we loved those patented speed safety valves that made for fast and easy inflation and deflation. The Kwik-Connect tow point could not have been easier.


  • Can be ridden in a classic, deep cockpit manner
  • Can also be saddled like a chariot for a unique ride
  • Has self draining vents
  • Easily rides two people


  • Difficult to ride more than two people
  • Airhead brand title is quite garish across the front

The Verdict

There are a plethora of devices that might fit your criteria of what the best towable tubes ought to offer. For those who need a deep seat in their ride, they may find no better option than the O’Brien with its classic donut shape.

However, those who value novelty and hilarity will find few options better suited to them than the Hot Dog 3 Person Towable Tube.

Always consider what your lake trips look like before buying a tube. Will you have multiple tube riders or only a few? If you only ever have one, then options like the Stunt Flyer may be on the top of your list.

However, when it comes down to a product we would award the overall best to, we have to go with the Airhead Live Wire 2. No other towable offered multiple ways to ride, and such fun ones at that.

Eno Hammock Review: A Reliable Brand and Product?

Eno Hammock Review

There is nothing like sleeping outdoors in the open air and under the night sky. For those of us who love the outdoors, whether you are camping or just relaxing in your own backyard oasis, a hammock is a must. In this ENO Hammock review, we take a look at what makes this hammock so invaluable to outdoor enthusiasts.

Comparison Table

What Is the ENO Hammock?

In our ENO Hammock review, we’ve looked at all aspects of this hammock and compared it to a few others.

The ENO Hammock is a durable, lightweight hammock designed to easily fit in your backpack and hang for a good nights sleep or afternoon nap.

The DoubleNest Hammock by ENO is made wide enough and durable enough that it fits up to two people, or up to 400 lbs.

Product Specs for Our ENO Hammock Review

ENO Hammock Specs

Materials and Dimensions

The ENO Hammock is made from durable, 70G high-tenacity, nylon taffeta. This fabric allows the hammock to dry quickly and support up to 400 lbs. The fabric is breathable and great for warm summer nights.

The ENO Hammock also has aluminum wiregate carabineers and nautical grade line with stainless steel snap links.

This will let you comfortably secure the hammock to trees, boat masts, poles or even the wall. It is worth noting that the hammock does not include straps, so you will need to purchase these separately.

The ENO Hammock weighs in at 19 ounces. The storage bag is attached to the hammock, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.

It stuffs easily into the bag and is easy to get out. Unfolded, the hammock dimensions are 9′ 4” by 6′ 2”. Folded for storage, the dimensions are 5” by 5”.

Color Choices

There are over 50 colors combinations available from red and charcoal to teak and khaki. One goal of ENO is to reduce waste as much as possible. Because of this, there may be variation in color or stitching.

Extras You Must Think About

The ENO Hammock does not come with straps. If you want to hang this from a tree or pole, you will need to invest in sturdy straps. If you are thinking about using the hammock for indoor use, ENO has special hooks available that can be attached to a stud.

The hammock does not have a sleeping insert or pad. To make the hammock as comfortable as possible, or to help keep warm on cool evenings, you may want to consider an extra pad.

Why People Love It

The ENO Hammock reviews are great. People love how durable, lightweight and easy the hammock is to put up and down. It gives you a secure feeling while still giving you the ability to stretch out and sleep wherever you are.


ENO Hammock Price

For this ENO Hammock review, we found a number of hammocks reasonably priced in the $$price range. This includes the DoubleNest hammock, which sleeps two people. You can find these on Amazon, where you can also purchase straps or hooks if needed.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to the ENO Hammock review.

  • Vivere Double Hammock
  • Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock
  • Hammock Rada Yucatan Hammock

1. Eno Hammock

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Lightweight Camping Hammock, 1 to 2 Person, Red/Charcoal
  • Hammock for two: The DoubleNest is versatile, durable, and compact, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or lounging around with a friend.
  • Adventure ready: Weighing only 19 ounces, the DoubleNest stuffs easily into attached storage bag. Packed Dimensions: (L x W) 5" x 5"; Unfolded Dimensions: (L x W) 9' 4" x 6' 2".
  • Trustworthy material: Falling is not an option, unless it's to sleep. Made from 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta, this breathable, quick drying nylon supports up to 400 pounds. (HAMMOCK STRAPS NOT INCLUDED)
  • Master the art of lounging: Includes Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners and nautical grade line with stainless-steel snap links allowing you to secure the DoubleNest to trees, poles, boat masts, or even the wall.
  • Please note: ENO attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric available in production, so the color and stitching of the your hammock might vary from what is pictured.

Ease of Use

The ENO Hammock was designed to unfold and hang within minutes. Since the storage bag is attached to the hammock, it makes it easy to fold and store.

While the hammock is hanging up, the storage is bag is located close to the middle of the hammock on the side. It is ideal to place items and easily reach them while you are in the hammock.

Assembly Time 

It only takes a few minutes to get this hammock up in the air. It’s fast and easy to use. Because the fabric is lightweight, it is easy for anyone to hang it up.

Design Quality

We like the design of the hammock for its ease of use and durability. The only complaint we found is that the seams of the hammock become tight when there is a lot of weight applied. This would easily be fixed by adding a blanket, sleeping bag or pad to add extra comfort.


ENO offers a two-year warranty on the hammock from original purchase date. This warranty protects from manufacturing defects.

2. Vivere Double Hammock

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, Tropical (450 lb Capacity - Premium Carry Bag Included)
  • Vivere combo, the double hammock with stand and carry bag is our top choice for combos. The double hammock is tightly woven with high quality cotton thread resulting in a heavy, durable fabric.
  • The hammock stand is constructed of heavy duty Steel and assembles in minutes without any tools.
  • Vivere hammocks have pure polyester end strings that will last longer than traditional cotton end strings.Bed Length:87 inch
  • The larger of our Brazilian hammock combos is great for sharing a snooze with a friend
  • Stunning colors make this hammock the highlight of the yard

For our ENO Hammock review, we also took a look at the Vivere Double Hammock. While the ENO Hammock is great for camping, the Vivere Double Hammock is more suitable for backyard relaxing.

Materials and Dimensions

Vivere Hammock comes with a stand so that it will always be available to set up easily in your grass or on your deck. The stand itself is steel with a zinc coating to prevent rust and comes in either charcoal or an oil-rubbed bronze finish. There is also an option to lower or raise the hammock for your comfort.

The stand is 9 feet long and the hammock is 58” by 95” with a length of 144”. It can hold up to 450 lbs.

The Vivere Hammock is constructed with polyester end strings and thick, tightly woven cotton. If you like, you can also upgrade the cotton fabric to polyester or sunbrella fabric that resists fading and mildew.

Colors Choices

It comes in a vibrant, colorful pattern and you have the option of different striped colors.

Extra Things You Must Think About

The stand itself is easy to assemble to if you want to move it around your yard you may want to consider purchasing a wheel kit.

If you are considering using the hammock on anything other than the hammock stand, there are hook sets available that allow you to hang the hammock on a wall, veranda, pergola or gazebo.

Camping is also an option with this hammock, and there are tree straps available or chain hanging sets.

Why People Love It

This hammock is large and comfortable. It makes a great hammock for relaxing in your backyard. This hammock is easy to hook on to the stand and fold up nicely for storage in your garage. It has more weight to it than the ENO Hammock, and, for the sake of this ENO Hammock review, it would not be recommended for camping when you need to monitor the weight of your backpack.

Ease of Use 

This hammock is easy to use once the stand is in place. You simply hook it on to the end of each stand.

Assembly Time 

The stand requires setup, but most people find it takes just a few minutes to put the pieces together. Once the stand is up, you can leave it outside since it has a zinc coating.

Design Quality 

This hammock was designed for backyard use. It comfortably fits two people and has a small design so that it won’t take up too much space.

Warranty 4 Stars

The company offers a one-year warranty from the original purchase date to protect you from manufacturing defects.

3. Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock

Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock - Two Person Bed for Backyard, Porch, Outdoor and Indoor Use - Soft Woven Cotton Fabric (Natural)
  • COCOON OF WEIGHTLESSNESS - Created in the style that has been handed down for generations by native artisans in Northeastern Brazil, these cotton hammocks are tightly woven with comfortable, long-lasting thread that gives the user a euphoric feeling of of laying on a soft sponge
  • BEST HAMMOCK QUALITY & LIFETIME WARRANTY - We’ve been selling Hammocks for over a decade. Based on years of accumulated customer feedback, we can confidently say this one has the best quality to price ratio. Don't be fooled by cheaper versions which are often undersized & can fall apart with poor stitching & lower quality end-loops. In fact, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you aren’t happy, for any reason, at any time in the future, we’ll give you your money back
  • TWO PERSON HAMMOCK - Our Brazilian Hammock's total length (from loop to loop) is 144 Inches while the bed resting area is 98 Inches Long X 59 Inches Wide, making it perfect couples. This double Hammock’s dimensions may seem smaller at first, so please allow for 1-2 weeks of use for “stretching”
  • CHILD, FAMILY & PET FRIENDLY - Not all Hammocks are child & pet friendly. This one is. The solid fabric bed ensures safety for children & pets while being absorbent enough to take their abuse
  • PORTABLE HAMMOCK - Our Hammock comes with a free carry bag for easy transportation. Leave it in in the backyard, bring it to the cottage & hang it on the porch, take it camping or use it anywhere indoor / outdoor, the choice is yours

For our ENO Hammock review, we also took a look at the Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock. This versatile hammock is great for your backyard or for camping.

Materials and Dimensions

This hammock is made from tightly woven cotton. It is 65% colorfast cotton and 35% polyester. The two person hammock is 144 “ by 59”. Because the hammock is made from cotton, it will stretch after one to two weeks of use. It contains a bag for storage made of the same material.

It has a weight limit of 475 lbs. It is recommended that you not leave the hammock out in the weather after use. You should store it between uses in a dry place.

Colors Choices

The Hammock Sky Brazilian Double model is available in three style choices: colorful stripes, off-white, and solid red.

Extra Things You Must Think About

The hammock does not come with straps or hooks. These will be an additional purchase.

Why People Love It

People love this hammock because it is soft and comfortable. It is great for backyard use or for camping as long as you store it properly.

Ease of Use 

This hammock easily folds up into a storage bag and can be easily unfolded. It only weighs 3.3 pounds, making it light enough for anyone to hang it.

Assembly Time

It only takes a minute or two to get the hammock ready.

Design Quality 

The design of this hammock is great for comfort. It is lightweight and soft. While this is a great hammock for relaxing, you do have to be careful when camping that you don’t get it wet or let it stay wet for long.

It is a bit heavier than the ENO Hammock, so if you want something small and lightweight for your hiking backpack, you may be better off with the ENO Hammock.

Warranty 5 Stars

The warranty on this hammock is the best of all we reviewed. It has a lifetime guarantee.

4. Hammocks Rada Yucatan Hammock

HAMMOCKS RADA- Handmade Yucatan Hammock - Matrimonial Size Natural Color - 13ft Long Artisan Crafted…
  • Hammocks Rada- Handmade Yucatan Hammock - Matrimonial Size Natural Color - True Comfort, True Quality, World's Best Handmade Hammock- 100% No-Hassle Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Natural beige cotton color. Hammock 70 % Cotton 30% Nylon
  • Handwoven in Yucatan, Mexico.
  • Hang it inside !!
  • Great for naps, siestas or even for all night.

The Hammocks Rada Yucatan hammock is handmade in Yucatan, Mexico. For our ENO Hammock review, we’ve taken a look at this favorite hammock to see how it compares to the durable ENO hammock.

Materials and Dimensions

The Hammocks Rada Yucatan hammock is made from a cotton and nylon blend by local Mayan artisans. The tightly woven fabric is a technique used for centuries in Mexico. The hammock is large enough for two people. Its dimensions are 12.5 ft by 13 ft.

Colors Choices

There are about seven different color choices, ranging from natural tones to more vibrant blues and greens.

Extra Things You Must Think About

The hammock does not come with straps or hooks. These will be an additional purchase. The fabric is mostly cotton, so you can’t leave it outside during harsh weather; and it’s recommended that you store it somewhere dry between each use.

The tightly woven fabric is also delicate, so you need to watch out for shoes or anything that can pull or tear it,like a belt buckle or buttons.

Why People Love It

People seem to love this hammock because of the soft cotton and large spread.

Ease of Use 3 Stars

It’s lightweight, coming in at less than three pounds, and easy to hang. You do have to be careful not to tangle the hanging strings or else it gets a bit tricky. Once in the hammock, it is very comfortable. You have to be more careful with this hammock as opposed to the more durable ENO hammock.

Assembly Time 

It only takes a few minutes to set up.

Design Quality 

The design makes this hammock very comfortable for relaxing; however, because of the fabric and the potential to snag or tear, this would make a better hammock for your backyard than for a harsh weather camping trip.


The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but we could not find specifics on their warranty or how long it may last.


In our ENO hammock review, we give the DoubleNest hammock five stars. It is durable and lightweight, making it a great addition to your camping trip.

It provides a stable place to sleep without worrying about the fabric and the weather. It dries easily and packs up in an instant. This is the ideal hammock for sleeping outdoors.

The great thing about this hammock is that it’s not only great for the adventurous hiker, but also for hanging in a tree in your backyard for a quiet afternoon nap.

Not only does it provide comfort and ease of use, it’s also constructed in a way that reduces product waste.

We like that the company makes every attempt to reduce their waste, at the same time delivering a well-constructed hammock that you can count on even when you are deep in the woods.