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What is a Golf Scramble? Here is How to Play

What is a Golf Scramble

You may receive an invitation to play a scramble in golf tournaments, especially in corporate outings and charity events. I had heard this from most of my friends, and I always wondered what scramble was all about. Below is everything I found about this game.

What is a golf scramble? The golf scramble is a golf tournament format where two or more players get into a team. The goal is to have fun without focusing solely on scores. The format is not under official golf rules.

With this information, I sort to find out what rules you need to follow when playing golf scramble. Read on to find out the specifics of this game.

What is a Scramble Tournament?

What is a golf scramble? A scramble tournament has a four-person team, but you can also find a two-person or a three-person team. Sometimes handicaps may be available, but scramble tournaments mainly use gross scores.

In a two-person scramble, each player on the team hits a tee shot; the players then have to decide which shot was better. The two will play from that spot.

The shot that wasn’t selected gets that person to pick the ball and move it in a one club range of the chosen spot.

After selecting the spot, both players play a shot from the place and pick the one they prefer. The process continues until the hole out.

It’s essential to note that some rules apply in a two-person scramble. Players can put their ball within one club length of the area and not closer to the hole. Players can’t change which cur of grass their ball lies.

You can’t place the ball in the fairway if the marker is in the rough. Players continue in the same way for each shot until they hole out.

While this method is simple, it’s best for beginners. Moreover, you need different skill sets in a scramble golf tournament, as it gives you the chance to take on risks.

For example, you can take a risk and swing away if your partner hits a short drive down the middle. What’s more, you can run a longer drive.

With a basic scramble, each golfer on the team hits a drive. The results are compared, and the best is chosen. The other golfers on the team take their balls and move them to the designated area.

After, the second strokes, the process repeats. You go through selecting the best ball, moving the other balls to that area and playing the third strokes. The ball needs to be holed for a team to score.

Other golfers on the team can move the golf balls to the spot of the selected shot within a club’s length of the original spot. It’s critical to note that the one-club length must not be closer to the hole. It shouldn’t improve where the original ball lies.

Each scramble team has info about the play on each stroke. For example, if golfer A hit first off the tee, golfer B is not required to hit first on the second stroke.

Furthermore, if your team’s ball was selected as the best after a stroke, this doesn’t mean you should hit last or first on the next stroke. The team decides about play.

Steps to Putting the Team Together

long hitter off the tee

You need to get a long hitter off the tee. The tee shot allows you to approach close to the hole, something that makes it easier to make birdie. Also, you need to make the putt. Making the putt increases your chances of winning a scramble.

It’s also essential to find someone who can consistently hit the ball in the fairway. The person doesn’t need to be tall, but he should be accurate. With this, your power hitter is free. When nobody is in the fairway, and it gets to the power hitter, no one will freewheel it.

Some teams find having female drive forward tees advantageous. It’s a challenge on your power driver if the driver gets a 60-yard head start.

Make sure that three of the four team members have a chance of hitting the green from 150 yards. One person needs to an active iron player as getting anywhere on the green doesn’t count.

Golf Scramble Playing Strategies

It’s essential to select the right playing order. For example, if you have an A player, you need to note that he may not be perfect on other phases of the game. Keep this in mind when setting up the playing order. Have one order for putts, and the other for the different shots.

Moreover, you need to ensure that the most accurate player off the tee goes first. A reliable player puts something in play period. You could delegate hitting club off the tee to this person to get the ball in the fairway.

Having more balls in the fairway gives you an advantage as the long hitter goes last. He won’t have pressure if there are balls in the fairway.

Another point is to make sure the second best putter is second, and the best putter goes last. While it may seem weird at the start, you’ll soon realize that the rotation works. Worst putters should always start as they are under pressure the longer they delay to putt.

You need to keep everyone fresh by having him or her putt on all holes, even after the putt is made. Doing this helps you avoid having the best putter go for long stretches without getting the chance to putt. It’s not good to have the best putter failing to putt in six holes.

As the captain, go with the shot that everyone in the team can handle. Encourage them to be aggressive; this makes the putting to the hole a bit simpler.

Allow the weaker players to hit first. The middle and long hitters should be last. Avoid leaving the long hitters with the anchor spot as this puts them under pressure to dial back and hit the fairway.

Being the third enables the long hitters to fire with freedom. Make sure that the straight hitter is consistent to handle the pressure of anchor duties.

The golfer whose drive was chosen needs to hit first on the second shot, this gives him a better chance due to the first shot.

When determining the order of play from stroke to stroke check to see, who are the lousy iron players and who the excellent drivers are.

The team decides the order in which the golfers hit. Weaker players perform best in front, while the consistent ones in the back.

On par-5s, allow the short hitters to go first to lay up, the big bombers can go last to fire the green. Also, never choose a ball in the bunker like the one to play, the only case where this applies is when all golfers hit into bunkers.

Never assume that the shortest shot is the simpler one. Avoid going for the ball closest to the green. Check the hazards, lie, angles, and pin position. The same applies to putts; the shortest is not simple.

What Happens to Handicaps in Scramble Tournaments?

You won’t find any rules on how to employ handicaps in a scramble tournament. However, tournament organizers can set guidelines on how a team can handle handicaps in a scramble tournament.

Some of the commonly used handicap allowances when met scores are in use include:

Taking 35% of the A player’s course handicap and adding it to 15% of the B player’s for a two-person scramble. In a three-person scramble, you take 20% of the A player’s course handicap and 15% of the B player’s, plus 10% of the C player’s.

When handling a four-person scramble, each golfer on the team calculates his course handicap. You’ll later take 20% of a player’s handicap, 15% of the B player’s, 10% of the C player’s and 5% of the D players. Add them this will tell you the team’s scramble handicap.

Alternatively, you can take the number of team members and add the course handicaps. Divide what you have with twice the golfers in the team.

Variations on Scramble Golf Tournament

Some of the changes you may experience with the format of scramble golf tournament include:

  • Powerball scramble where a team chooses one of its players from the beginner tees on some holes.
  • Miami scramble where the golfer with the selected drive sits out till the team goes to the green
  • Reverse scramble which is similar to blood some, you use the worst ball after every stroke
  • Texas scramble where the team needs to choose four drives from each of its members during the round
  • Ambrose scramble where a player uses a team handicap in its net score
  • Florida scramble where the golfer whose ball was chosen stays out the next stroke after each stroke

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article answered your question, “What is a golf scramble?” Golf scrambles could make for a fun day on the course. Be sure to get a foursome together and hit the links soon!

What To Wear Golfing: Your Ultimate Guide

What To Wear Golfing

Golf is one of the most popular sports on Earth, and it can also be one of the most intimidating. The gear, the rules, and what to wear golfing are all basic questions everyone has, whether they are beginners or professionals. The good news is that figuring out what to wear golfing can be very easy!

What to wear golfing is part of the decorum and rules of the game, more than in other sports. Every course is different, but generally, public or municipal courses allow casual wear while country clubs or private courses have dress code standards.

The most important element for your clothing is that you’re comfortable, prepared for changing temperatures, and ready to take on the challenge of the game itself.

Are There Rules For Golf Attire?

The short answer is yes. Some golf courses have a dress code, but not all courses do. Any course, public or private, has staff available to give you their dress code information.

Call the course prior to your arrival, because, if the course has a dress code and you do not meet the standards, they will not permit you to play.

Or they will direct you to their pro shop, where it is generally very expensive to purchase the acceptable clothing items you’ll need.

Another great rule of thumb is that the more expensive the greens fees, the more likely it is that the course will have an enforced dress code.

It should also be noted that there are different rules for men’s and women’s attire, which we will cover specifically. Usually, the dress codes will have specifics from what to wear golfing from head to toe.

Don’t let this scare you away from the game! If you are looking to go play an easy nine-hole course with some friends and you only own tank tops and shorts, there is likely an executive course near you that will allow you to wear whatever you want.

Furthermore, playing 18-holes can take around four hours, which means the temperature can change from the time you start playing until the time you end. Make sure every layer you wear or bring is appropriate for the course and the weather.

Never assume that because you’ve seen a professional golfer on television wearing a certain item that that item is acceptable to wear on the course you’ll be playing!

Tiger Woods may be allowed to wear mock turtlenecks, and John Daly may wear the craziest pants ever made; but not all courses will be on the same page with their attire.

What To Wear Golfing At A Public Course

What To Wear Golfing At A Public Course

A public course is usually owned and operated by a city, a county, or a municipality. These courses are there for public use and enjoyment and are often where people learn to play the game itself. These facilities have relaxed standards for what to wear golfing.

For the most part, khaki’s or Dockers-style shorts or slacks, for men or women, are acceptable for this type of course. A collared shirt, long or short sleeve, is a safe option for shirts.

Most courses have outlawed golf shoes with metal spikes, so look for shoes with soft spikes. For 95% of golf courses, this attire will get you on the course with no issues.

To encourage more people to play the game, some public courses will allow blue jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. As long as you look presentable, a public course will allow all golfers to play in this type of attire.

What To Wear Golfing At A Private Course

Private courses, or country clubs, almost always have a basic dress code for anyone, member or not, playing at their course. Members often pay hefty yearly and monthly fees to maintain these courses, so it’s no surprise that their rules are more stringent.

Inflexible Rules

Inflexible Rules

Across the board, neither men nor women may wear golf shoes with metal spikes. These spikes have caused damage to courses everywhere. Modern golf shoes have been upgraded with soft spikes made of hard rubber or plastic.

Besides helping to maintain the health of the course, proper shoes will help stabilize your swing, allow for traction while walking, and provide comfort for the hours that you’ll be playing. They do not allow tennis shoes at a private club.

A collared shirt is required for men and women. There are long and short sleeved options, and these shirts have two or three buttons at the top and can be tucked into pants. Windbreakers or nicely styled zip-up jackets are great for colder climates.

Khakis, slacks, or Dockers-style pants are acceptable for men and women; women are often also allowed to wear skirts that are no shorter than five inches above the knee.

Unwritten Rules

It is an unwritten rule that the player’s socks complement the rest of their outfit. Ankle socks, tube socks or any other style of sock are fine to wear. Make sure your socks aren’t too bulky for your golf shoes.

As with socks, it does not specify headwear in most dress codes, but baseball caps and visors are the most popular options. Cowboy hats, fedoras, or other gag or humorous hats are not appropriate for a private golf course.

Another item to keep in mind is your color scheme. No one will stop you for any basic color, but be aware that if you wear bright, flashy, or ostentatious patterns that draw attention, they may not permit you to play. A private club wants every player who visits their course to feel comfortable and able to focus on their game to the best of their abilities.

What Is Proper Golf Attire For Men?

Checking with the course you are playing is your first stop to confirm if there is a dress code; however, wearing any of the following items will allow you to play most courses. Golfing attire for men is easy to purchase no matter where you are, so these items don’t have to cost a fortune.

Check out the items that major retailers are selling to help you choose what to wear golfing. Traditional cotton, microfiber or polyester fabrics are most commonly worn today. We recommend breathable fabrics from head to toe and bringing layers in case of sudden temperature changes.


  • Khakis
  • Dockers
  • Linen shorts or pants
  • Bermuda shorts


  • Collared, long or short sleeve
  • Polo shirts
  • Button up, long or short sleeve
  • Pullover sweater
  • Collared jacket
  • Windbreaker


  • Ankle socks
  • Socks that compliment the outfit


  • Visor
  • Baseball cap


  • Golf shoes with soft spikes
  • Hard soled tennis shoes

If there’s any doubt about a course’s dress code, then avoid denim, t-shirts, or unstructured tennis shoes and keep in mind that the game of golf adheres to traditional rules of modesty, cleanliness, and decorum. If you could wear it to an upscale casual restaurant, you can probably also wear it golfing.

What Is Proper Golf Attire For Women?

What to wear golfing for women can vary a fair quite a bit compared to what men wear; however, the items below are all safe bets for having a great day on the course.

If you’re wondering about a certain item you want to wear golfing, know that golf is a game that still adheres to traditional rules of modesty. Tube tops, tight tank tops, or items of clothing that show lots of skin aren’t a good idea on the course.

Paying attention to the fabric types on all the clothing you will wear is something to consider when purchasing.

Most courses don’t have lots of shade, so you want to make sure the fabrics are breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor resistant and that you have the kind of protection from the sun that your skin needs.


  • Khakis
  • Dockers
  • Linen shorts or pants
  • Skirts no shorter than 5″ above the knee
  • Shorts


  • Collared, long or short sleeve
  • Polo shirts
  • Button up, long or short sleeve
  • Tank top style shirts with a collar
  • Pullover sweater
  • Sweatervests
  • Collared zip-up jackets
  • Windbreaker


  • Ankle socks
  • Socks that compliment the outfit


  • Visor
  • Baseball cap


  • Golf shoes with soft spikes
  • Hard soled tennis shoes

When in doubt, consider “preppy clothing” to be the most accepted attire on the golf course. Feel free to accessorize as much as you wish with scarves, jewelry, vests, coats, and sweaters. Preppy doesn’t have to be uptight; it just has to be well put together.


What to wear golfing matters, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult to achieve. Most sports require a uniform, and you can think of a collared shirt and khaki pants as golf’s uniform.

The most important part of choosing what to wear is picking comfortable clothing that’s weather appropriate.  

Golf is a game that everyone can learn to play. With the variety of public and private courses all over the world, you can find a course that matches your wardrobe! What to wear golfing should be the easiest choice you make next time you hit the links.

The Black Diamond Momentum Harness Review

hiker using Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Whether you are an expert climber or enjoy hitting the climbing gym occasionally, a harness is arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment in a climber’s toolbox.

A climbing harness serves many purposes, the most important being safety. Whether you are purchasing your first harness or replacing one, our Black Diamond Momentum harness review will help you find the perfect harness to fit your needs.

Comparison Table

No products found.

What Is the Black Diamond Momentum Harness?

Our Black Diamond Momentum harness review finds this harness to be ideal for all-around climbers who want comfort and versatility and do not want to fiddle with adjusting belts and buckles.

The Momentum solves this issue by using a pre-threaded waistbelt buckle and customizable trakFIT leg loops.  

This harness puts an emphasis on comfort with its bullhorn-shaped waistbelt and Dual Core Construction technology designed to eliminate pressure caused by most other harnesses. 

How Does It Work?

The Momentum comes in sizes for both men and women. It features a pre-threaded waistbelt and adjustable leg loops for climbers who want to climb instead of waste time adjusting straps.

To adjust the leg loops using the trakFIT technology, move the slide-adjuster along the webbing of each leg loop. This simple change tightens or loosens in a wide range. 

The slide-adjusters also eliminate the possibility of mis-threading and eliminate dangling webbing and straps. Likewise, the pre-threaded waistbelt helps ensure the climber does not incorrectly tie in.

There are two hardpoints for tying the rope into the climbing system and a center belay loop for belaying and rappelling. The nylon construction of this harness ensures flexibility and durability while remaining comfortable.


The Momentum harness is considered to be an all-around harness recommended for sport and trad climbing and may be used for both indoor and outdoor climbing.

Product Specs

Black Diamond Momentum Harness

The Momentum harness boasts an ultra-comfortable waistbelt designed with a bullhorn shape which helps to improve weight distribution.

The Dual Core Construction technology allows for maximum comfort while providing solid balance and support.

This harness also features a pre-threaded speed-adjust waistbelt buckle that eliminates error when tying in.

The weight of the harness is relatively light, weighing in at 350g. In terms of gear hauling, the Black Diamond Momentum harness review found there to be four pressure-molded gear loops and a haul loop.

Harness sizes range from x-small to xx-large.

What to Consider

With so many brands and styles on the market, it can be a daunting task to pick a harness that checks off all your needs.

The style of climbing, the fit and features of the harness, and the price are all factors the climber must consider.

Comfort is another equally vital factor to consider when selecting a climbing harness. A harness may be effective, but will be challenging to climb in if not comfortable.

We advise taking all these points into consideration as you decide the best harnass for your climbing needs.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Arc’teryx AR-395a Climbing Harness
  • Petzl Sama Climbing Harness
  • Singing Rock Garnet Climbing Harness
  • Edelrid Jay II Climbing Harness

Black Diamond Momentum Harness Review

No products found.


Comfort padding fills both leg loops and the waistbelt of this harness, making it comfortable for falls and short hangs. The bullhorn waistbelt further adds to the comfort of the harness by improving weight distribution.


The fully adjustable leg and waistbelt buckles make this harness easily mobile. Also, the waistbelt features a bullhorn shape for improved weight distribution and ease of movement.

However, the padding of the harness may feel bulky against the body while on longer belays.


The Momentum is intended for all-around climbers and has a range of climbing options that include adjustability, gear loops for racking equipment, and a haul loop for ultimate versatility.


Black Diamond offers a 1-year warranty (from the date of purchase) and will repair, replace, or refund the item if the customer is not satisfied for any reason.


  • Affordable
  • Light-weight
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for all-around climbing
  • Warranty
  • Easily adjustable
  • Wide harness size range


  • Padding may make the harness feel bulky on the body when compared to other harness brands
  • Lacks ice-clip slots

Arc’teryx AR-395a Harness Review

No products found.

The Arc’teryx AR-395a climbing harness is a true all-around harness built for climbing rock or ice. While it is the most expensive harness in our Black Diamond Momentum harness review, it can justify the steep price tag.

A favorite among trad climbers, this high-end harness has a number features including four gear loops, four ice-clipper slots, a rear haul loop, and plenty of space for your gear rack.

This harness includes self-locking buckles, adjustable leg loops, and double-weave four-way stretch fabric. The AR-395a is slightly heavier, weighing in at roughly 400g. Harness sizes range from x-small to x-large.


The AR-395a offers warp-strength technology, which features light-weight, durable, and comfortable construction that evenly disperses weight.


This harness features self-locking buckles and adjustable leg loops to ensure mobility and a precision fit. However, the Arc’teryx harness is heavy when compared to other harness brands.


The Arc’teryx AR-395a is an all-around harness that can be used for climbing or alpinism, making it a versatile harness for all climbing needs.


Arc’teryx has a limited warranty. Only items covered under the limited warranty will be repaired or replaced for the practical lifespan of the product.


  • Light-weight
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for all-around climbing
  • Easily adjustable
  • Wide harness size range


  • Expensive
  • Heavier weight when compared to other harness brands
  • Limited warranty
  • May be more than is necessary for a beginner or intermediate climbers

Petzl Sama Climbing Harness Review

No products found.

The Petzl Sama climbing harness is designed for sport climbing and may be used for indoor and outdoor climbing.

The Sama uses Endoframe technology which allows for weight distribution, while the wide waistbelt allows comfortable positioning.

This Black Diamond Momentum harness review found the Petzl Sama to be the easiest in terms of leg loop and waistbelt adjustment.

This harness features elasticized leg loops that remain comfortably adjusted and a waistbelt that is flexible and slim in front for more range of movement. There are two gear loops in the front, two gear loops in the rear, and one rear loop for a trail line.

The harness is slightly heavier when compared to similar brands, weighing in at roughly 400g for a medium size. Harness sizes range from small to x-large.


The low-profile design of the Petzl Sama and padded leg loops and waistbelt ensure maximum comfort.


The Endoframe technology used in the Petzl Sama allows for greater freedom of movement. This harness is slightly heavier than similar harness brands with a weight of roughly 400g..


The Petzl Sama harness is designed primarily for sport climbing, thus limiting it to only one style of climbing.


While Petzl does not specifically state a warranty policy, products are guaranteed for three years from the date of purchase. Contact Petzl if your harness has a defect or needs repaired or replaced.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Leg loops remain adjusted


  • Designed limited to sport climbing
  • More limited harness size range compared to other harness brands
  • Heavier than other harness brands

Singing Rock Garnet Harness Review

No products found.

The Singing Rock Garnet climbing harness is an all-around harness that can be used for sport, trad, and ice climbing, making it a perfect choice for a climber that wants one harness for multiple climbing styles. 

This harness boasts adjustable self-locking buckles on the leg loops and waistbelt, EVA foam padding, and a drop seat.

The drop seat acts like suspenders and makes it easier to remove the leg loops without taking off the harness entirely.

The ergonomic construction of this harness minimizes weight while maintaining comfort, while the use of abrasion-resistant fabrics provides long-lasting performance.

The garnet weighs in at roughly 400g. For gear hauling, it features four braided gear loops, two ice-clip slots, and a rear haul loop.

Also, Singing Rock’s adjustable BMI system ensures a perfect fit. Harness sizes range from x-small to xx-large.


The ergonomic construction and the EVA foam padding in the waistbelt and leg loops provide maximum comfort while climbing long routes.


The drop seat and adjustable leg loops provide freedom of movement for mountain and alpine climbs. The Garnet is slightly heavier when compared to other harness brands, weighing in at 400g making it less mobile compared to other harnesses.


This harness is an all-around harness that can be used for sport, trad, and ice-climbing, making it a versatile choice for multiple climbing styles.


Although Singing Rock does not provide information about a warranty, the company does provides a 100% guarantee. Contact Singing Rock if your harness has a defect or needs repaired or replaced.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for all-around climbing
  • Easily adjustable
  • Wide harness size range


  • Slightly less gear storage when compared to similar harness brands
  • Heavier weight when compared to other harness brands

Edelrid Jay II Harness Review

No products found.

The Edelrid Jay II is an all-around harness ideal for various types of climbing. This harness features 3D mesh padding and three easy glider buckles for adjustable leg loops and waistbelt. 

The Jay boasts moveable foam waist padding which allows the tie-in point and gear loops to remain centered and aligned.

This harness design incorporates a built-in abrasion protector for additional durability at the tie in point, as this is a common area of high wear-and-tear. 

Although it does not have a haul loop, this harness features four symmetrical braided gear loops and two ice-clip slots.

The Jay II is heavier than other harnesses, weighing in at 437g and as a result does not pack down as small. Harness sizes range from x-small to x-large.


The 3D mesh padding and the moveable foam waist padding provides maximum comfort and support.


The three easy glider adjustable buckles and the moveable foam waist padding make this harness ideal for mobility; however, this harness has a heavier weight when compared to other harness brands.


The Edelrid Jay II harness is an all-around harness ideal for various types climbing styles.


While Edelrid provides a product guarantee, the company does not state a specific warranty policy. Contact Edelrid if your harness has a defect or needs repaired or replaced.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for all-around climbing
  • Easily adjustable
  • Built-in abrasion protector


  • Heavy
  • No warranty


climbing with black diamond harness

Overall, our Black Diamond Momentum harness review found the momentum to be a four out of five stars. It is an all-around harness that caters to various climbing styles whether you are a beginner or more advanced climber.

The Momentum features adjustable trakFIT leg loops and a pre-threaded waistbelt that eliminates tie in error, making proper harness fit and adjustment a quick task.

This solution to harness fitting allows the climber to adjust less and spend more time climbing. Using Dual Core Construction technology puts an emphasis on harness comfort by eliminating pressure points for a more supportive, comfortable climb.

While the Black Diamond Momentum climbing harness lacks ice-clip slots, it has average space for racking gear while remaining relatively lightweight.

Though the chunky padding that fills the waistbelt and leg loops may make this harness feel bulkier when compared to similar harness brands, it remains an excellent package for the price and versatility.

How to Play Spikeball: Official Rules to Follow

How to Play Spikeball

In this post, we explore how to play Spikeball and some rules to follow. Learn about this fun, competitive game that you can enjoy outdoors.

Spending your time outdoors with the family is fun, and there’s no better way to do this than playing the fame of Spikeball.

The sport has become popular over the years, and it’s no longer just a casual game, but a competitive sport as well. It’s a perfect game to energize your beach putting, cookout, or your next tailgate.

Below is everything you need to know on how to play Spikeball.

What is Spikeball?

What is Spikeball

Spikeball is an American sports game that combines foursquare and volleyball. It involves four players with two teams. However, some versions of the game allow six players, with three on each time. The six-player version works with the Spikeball XL set.

The game has some similarities to volleyball. It’s easy to understand the guidelines and play the sport. You can carry it and enjoy playing with your friends or family on vacation.

Unlike other games, Spikeball is affordable. With fifteen dollars, you can enjoy the game without any issues.

You can now find Spikeball tournaments all over the country as the game is fast becoming a favorite.

Is There a Difference between Spikeball and Spikeball Pro

Spikeball Pro and Spikeball are two different versions. However, they are of a similar size, and players play similarly.

The difference with the Pro set is that it comes with a 30% stronger frame, non-skid pads on the legs, inverted color scheme, texture balls, and a carrying backpack.

History of Spikeball

History of Spikeball

Spikeball started in the 80s but failed to garner mass adoption. In 2004, Chris Ruder went on a trip with his brother and friends. He bought a Spikeball set and found the game addictive.

As the team played around the beach, people kept asking the name of the game, how it’s played, and where one could purchase the set.

With time, they realized the market was ready for Spikeball. However, they didn’t have an idea of what products to introduce or the basics of starting a company. Later, Chis talked to a lawyer to avoid patent infringement.

They later decided to start at $100,000. In 2008, Chris launched Spikeball.com and made quite some sales. He realized that most customers were kids, PE teachers, and Frisbee players. With time, the company has grown to make million-dollar sales.

Spikeball Equipment

The game uses a yellow-colored plastic bouncy ball that is light and a bit larger than a softball. Its 12” in circumference. The set has a measuring device that ensures that you inflate the ball correctly. Also, the net looks like a tiny trampoline that is raised off the ground.

Note that the net has some tension which should be consistent all around. You can adjust the pressure by pulling the net tightly. You can test the net’s set up by dropping the ball from five fear high into the net’s center. If the ball bounces back up one foot, this indicates that the net is working correctly.

Essential Terms in Spikeball

Essential Terms in Spikeball

Some of the terms you may come across in Spikeball include

  • Near net serve
  • Rim shot
  • Roll up

Near net serve refers to when you hit the ball into the server’s side of the net and gets no bounce. It’s a legal serve, but you shouldn’t let the ball roll across the net.

A rim shot happens when the ball is hit directly into the rim, and not the net. The play stops when the ball hits the rim, and the opposing team gets the point.

A pocket or roll up happens when the ball gets in contact with the net and goes to roll up into the rim. When this occurs during a serve, it’s a fault, and the serving team needs to serve again. If a pocket or roll up occurs during regular play, the game continues.

Setting up Spikeball

Clip the net around the rims of the frame to set up the Spikeball equipment. You can make adjustments by pulling around any loose areas. Ensure that the net is tight for the ball to bounce 12 inches when it drops from 3ft. above.

How to Play Spikeball?

Ready to learn how to play spikeball? A game of rock, paper, and scissors determines who begins the game. The winning team serves the ball by hitting it a center net.

Both teams have up to three hits before quashing the ball for the other playing team. The same goes on until a team makes a mistake.

You score points on every service play. Another point to note is that scoring is rally one and there are no outs in Spikeball. Substitutions are made when there’s an injury or in between games.

Furthermore, you score points after each rally format. The receiving and winning teams get to earn points. The team with a high score wins the game is the game has some minutes left until the final buzzer.

You win a game by scoring eleven points and win by two points to win the match. The game goes in until the team gets two points above the opposing team, or if the team gets thirteen points with a single-point advantage.

Spikeball Official Rules

The game has specific rules you need to follow like:

Spikeball Official Rules

Spikeball Setup Rules

You need to follow some guidelines for the game to commence. Some of them include:

  • The ball needs to be 12” in circumference
  • Consistent tension of the Spikeball net
  • The team is decided through scissors, paper, and rock
  • Players not receiving the ball should be 6ft. from the net before the winning team serves
  • The players are free to move anywhere after serving the ball
  • A team gives up possession when the ball touches the net
  • The sides can switch sides halfway through the game if the sun interferes with the players’ ability to play

You can play the game on the grass or sand. If you decide to play the game on the grass, one team has to be barefoot, and the other needs to have cleats. A game of scissors, paper, and rock will be played. For example, if the winning team is barefoot, the team with cleats will have to remove them. Also, if the cleats team win the game of rocks, the team will need to wear shoes.

Spikeball Rules for Contact

You need to follow specific rules for contacting the ball. For example, contact with the ball must change between the team members. You’re not allowed to lift, throw, or get the shot. The ball is hit, but it mustn’t be hit with both hands at the same time.

Players can knock the ball with any of their body parts. However, you cannot contact the ball twice before returning it to the opposing team. There needs to be a replay if the two sides can’t determine if the ball hit the rim.

There’s the need to have a bounce if the ball hits the net. Also, the ball needs to clear the rim for the play to be successful.

Spikeball Violations

A few infractions can happen during the play. For example, when a defensive team member gets into the opposing team’s way, the blocked player calls hinder, which necessitates a replay. The game continues if the offensive team player doesn’t call hinder.

Points are lost when a receiving team player hits his teammate with the ball. Also, if receiving team player hits the ball off the net and makes contact with the ball, his team loses a point.

Players need to wait until it’s their turn to contact the ball. If a player touch the ball, and it’s not his turn, the team loses a point.

Final Thoughts

We hope that with this information, you now have an idea of how to play Spikeball. You can practice this game with your friends and family to understand the game better. There are tutorials to help you set up the game.

What is Pickleball? What to Know About This Growing Sport

What is Pickleball

Pickleball is becoming a favorite with people of all ages. Not only is it easy to learn, but it’s also competitive. I was interested in knowing more about the sport I did some research, and here’s everything I found about this sport.

What is Pickleball? Pickleball is a game or a sport that resembles racquet sport. It combines elements of table tennis, badminton, and tennis. It can have two or four players who use wood paddles to hit a perforated polymer ball over a net.

The USA Pickleball Associates conducted a study and found that the number of people joining had grown to 20,000 in 2017, from 4,000 members in 2013. Below is everything you need to know about Pickleball, and how it works.

History of Pickleball

The invention of Pickleball started in 1965 when Joel Pritchard had guests at home. History suggests that he had a badminton court in his backyard, but he couldn’t get the equipment to play.

They thought of ways to spend their time and came up with paddles. They tried out different balls and thought of using a whiffle ball.

It got its name from the congressman’s dog, who was Pickles. He kept stealing the ball; this led to the ball being the Pickleball. The sport began to be a favorite in 2005; it has now become a fast-growing leisure activity around the U.S.

What You Need to Get Started with Pickleball

For starters, you need a Pickleball, that resembles a whiffle ball.it should be a bit tough and durable. You don’t need to follow any rules on the type of Pickleball to play indoors or outdoors. You’ll find most people prefer playing the sport outside with a plastic dura or Onix ball.

It’s possible to play indoors with a big hole dura or massive jugs. The ball you select depends on your preferences.

You also need a paddle that looks like the ping pong paddle. It should move when you turn your wrist. Wooden paddles are a cheaper alternative in most places. However, you can opt for a paddle made of fiberglass, as it’s durable and lightweight.

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Some manufacturers give you the paddles with balls; this simplifies your work. You can also find graphite paddles which are stronger, but more expensive than fiberglass or wooden paddles.

Another thing you need to have is the court. The court should be 44ft. long and 20ft. wide. Also, the net should be 34 inches in the middle and 36 inches high on the edges. Having a small court makes it easier for children or those with different mobility levels to participate in the game.

Tennis courts are something huge, and this may make it challenging younger players to get in the game. The seven feet space from the net reduces overpowering smashes and equalizes play at the net.

How Do You Play Pickleball?

You require a court that is one-third the size of the badminton court. Moreover, you need wooden paddles, a tennis-style net, and a light plastic ball.

The game has elements of table tennis, tennis, badminton, and racquetball, one of the reasons why Pickleball is a favorite with most people.

The game may seem familiar if you’ve played table tennis, badminton, or racquetball in the past. One thing about this game is that you can get on a court and play even without any experience.

Is There a Difference Between Pickleball and Tennis?

Although most people think of the two as being similar, they have a difference. With Pickleball, you serve underhand, and the singles/doubles are played in the same-size court. Moreover, there is a seven-foot no-volley zone, which extends from the net. You can hit the ball in this place after it has bounced.

Why is Pickleball Popular?

Who Plays Pickleball

The Sports and Fitness Industry Association shows that there were three million Pickleball players in the US in 2018.

Pickleball is simple to learn, and you can play it at any age. What’s more, you don’t need any special equipment or clothing. All you need is to be comfortable. You can play Pickleball indoors or outdoors with a simple tennis net and a badminton-sized court.

Most racket sports require you to have the power and speed, but this game also needs finesse. You need to have the right strategies to win this game, which makes it competitive for both the young and old. It’s fun to play due to its different elements.

Another reason attributed to Pickleball’s growth is the association’s ambassador program. The program has over 1000 volunteers throughout the US, and their work is to recruit new players, who in turn spread the game.

The USAPA National Championship came up with a category for men and women over 85, with the oldest being 100 years. Pickleball is taught in colleges and schools.

Pickleball is a fun social activity that allows you to be close enough to each other to have a conversation. You get to engage in a fun workout and bond with your friends and family.

Rules of the Pickleball Game

When playing Pickleball, you need a ball that is harder and smaller than a whiffle ball. The court needs to be one-third as massive as a tennis court.

The ball should have 2 ¾ inches in diameter. Pickleball allows various permitted paddles for official use. You can find high0end paddles that cost upwards of $100, but there are plenty of beginner-friendly options at a reasonable price.

Serves are made underhand from the baseline diagonally to the opponent’s service court, changing from the right and left.

The service and serve return needs to bounce once before striking the ball. Returns can include volleys. The servers score when an opponent fails to return the ball over the net.

A game is won when a team or player has eleven points and leads the other side by two points. A match occurs when there are two out of three games.

While you need to play Pickleball on a court, the rules may resemble those of badminton or table tennis. Some of those rules include:

The service has to start from the right-hand court; you only have one fault

The game begins with one side serving the Pickleball, using a wooden paddle and a paddle to hit the ball.

The person playing has to have his feet behind the line. He needs to hit the ball with an underhand swing. You need to aim the service court diagonally over the net. Ensure that you clear the no-valley zone.

Both players can serve once if there are doubles. The serve goes to the opposing team after being served. The teams need to allow the Pickleball to bounce before hitting it with the paddle once from when the game starts. Players need to hit the ball without allowing it to jump as long as they aren’t within a no-trolley zone.

A team or player scores points only when serving. A win needs to be by two points, while the sport needs two points.

It’s essential to understand that some moves are faults which includes failing to clear the net by volleying the ball before it bouncing on a first return or first serve.

You can also lose points if you fail to clear the net or hit the ball out of bounds. Also, volleying the ball when the foot is in the net.

Who Plays Pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport that everyone can participate in, as it doesn’t have set rules or require special gaming equipment. You don’t need to run or cover as much ground as you would with tennis. It’s a fantastic game if you need to stay in shape.

You can participate in it for a casual day out, but its competitive edge makes it as fun as a tennis match. A report by SFIA shows that 75% of the leading Pickleball players are 50 or older. The research also shows that less than 14% of casual players are older than 50.

The game is a favorite in the Pacific region, as that’s where it was invented before growing to become a nationwide sensation. You can find Pickleball venues that include parks, schools, and recreation centers with Pickleball courts.

Moreover, you can find places to play on places2play.org. There are over 6,000 places to play, which represents an increase in the locations each month.

Final Thoughts

What is Pickleball? Pickleball is an accessible, inclusive, affordable, and non-elitist sport that goes above economic and social barriers.

Moreover, Pickleball doesn’t have many requirements regarding equipment. All you need are paddles with smooth, hard surfaces, balls with holes, and a court like that of badminton.

The sport has varying playing styles, something that makes it fun and enjoyable. You don’t need any sport experience or pro athletic skills. All you require is to get into the court and try this sport.