Eno Hammock Review: A Reliable Brand and Product?

Eno Hammock Review

There is nothing like sleeping outdoors in the open air and under the night sky. For those of us who love the outdoors, whether you are camping or just relaxing in your own backyard oasis, a hammock is a must. In this ENO Hammock review, we take a look at what makes this hammock so invaluable to outdoor enthusiasts.

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What Is the ENO Hammock?

In our ENO Hammock review, we’ve looked at all aspects of this hammock and compared it to a few others.

The ENO Hammock is a durable, lightweight hammock designed to easily fit in your backpack and hang for a good nights sleep or afternoon nap.

The DoubleNest Hammock by ENO is made wide enough and durable enough that it fits up to two people, or up to 400 lbs.

Product Specs for Our ENO Hammock Review

ENO Hammock Specs

Materials and Dimensions

The ENO Hammock is made from durable, 70G high-tenacity, nylon taffeta. This fabric allows the hammock to dry quickly and support up to 400 lbs. The fabric is breathable and great for warm summer nights.

The ENO Hammock also has aluminum wiregate carabineers and nautical grade line with stainless steel snap links.

This will let you comfortably secure the hammock to trees, boat masts, poles or even the wall. It is worth noting that the hammock does not include straps, so you will need to purchase these separately.

The ENO Hammock weighs in at 19 ounces. The storage bag is attached to the hammock, so you won’t have to worry about losing it.

It stuffs easily into the bag and is easy to get out. Unfolded, the hammock dimensions are 9′ 4” by 6′ 2”. Folded for storage, the dimensions are 5” by 5”.

Color Choices

There are over 50 colors combinations available from red and charcoal to teak and khaki. One goal of ENO is to reduce waste as much as possible. Because of this, there may be variation in color or stitching.

Extras You Must Think About

The ENO Hammock does not come with straps. If you want to hang this from a tree or pole, you will need to invest in sturdy straps. If you are thinking about using the hammock for indoor use, ENO has special hooks available that can be attached to a stud.

The hammock does not have a sleeping insert or pad. To make the hammock as comfortable as possible, or to help keep warm on cool evenings, you may want to consider an extra pad.

Why People Love It

The ENO Hammock reviews are great. People love how durable, lightweight and easy the hammock is to put up and down. It gives you a secure feeling while still giving you the ability to stretch out and sleep wherever you are.


ENO Hammock Price

For this ENO Hammock review, we found a number of hammocks reasonably priced in the $$price range. This includes the DoubleNest hammock, which sleeps two people. You can find these on Amazon, where you can also purchase straps or hooks if needed.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to the ENO Hammock review.

  • Vivere Double Hammock
  • Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock
  • Hammock Rada Yucatan Hammock

1. Eno Hammock

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Lightweight Camping Hammock, 1 to 2 Person, Red/Charcoal
  • Hammock for two: The DoubleNest is versatile, durable, and compact, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or lounging around with a friend.
  • Adventure ready: Weighing only 19 ounces, the DoubleNest stuffs easily into attached storage bag. Packed Dimensions: (L x W) 5" x 5"; Unfolded Dimensions: (L x W) 9' 4" x 6' 2".
  • Trustworthy material: Falling is not an option, unless it's to sleep. Made from 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta, this breathable, quick drying nylon supports up to 400 pounds. (HAMMOCK STRAPS NOT INCLUDED)
  • Master the art of lounging: Includes Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners and nautical grade line with stainless-steel snap links allowing you to secure the DoubleNest to trees, poles, boat masts, or even the wall.
  • Please note: ENO attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric available in production, so the color and stitching of the your hammock might vary from what is pictured.

Ease of Use

The ENO Hammock was designed to unfold and hang within minutes. Since the storage bag is attached to the hammock, it makes it easy to fold and store.

While the hammock is hanging up, the storage is bag is located close to the middle of the hammock on the side. It is ideal to place items and easily reach them while you are in the hammock.

Assembly Time 

It only takes a few minutes to get this hammock up in the air. It’s fast and easy to use. Because the fabric is lightweight, it is easy for anyone to hang it up.

Design Quality

We like the design of the hammock for its ease of use and durability. The only complaint we found is that the seams of the hammock become tight when there is a lot of weight applied. This would easily be fixed by adding a blanket, sleeping bag or pad to add extra comfort.


ENO offers a two-year warranty on the hammock from original purchase date. This warranty protects from manufacturing defects.

2. Vivere Double Hammock

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, Tropical (450 lb Capacity - Premium Carry Bag Included)
  • Vivere combo, the double hammock with stand and carry bag is our top choice for combos. The double hammock is tightly woven with high quality cotton thread resulting in a heavy, durable fabric.
  • The hammock stand is constructed of heavy duty Steel and assembles in minutes without any tools.
  • Vivere hammocks have pure polyester end strings that will last longer than traditional cotton end strings.Bed Length:87 inch
  • The larger of our Brazilian hammock combos is great for sharing a snooze with a friend
  • Stunning colors make this hammock the highlight of the yard

For our ENO Hammock review, we also took a look at the Vivere Double Hammock. While the ENO Hammock is great for camping, the Vivere Double Hammock is more suitable for backyard relaxing.

Materials and Dimensions

Vivere Hammock comes with a stand so that it will always be available to set up easily in your grass or on your deck. The stand itself is steel with a zinc coating to prevent rust and comes in either charcoal or an oil-rubbed bronze finish. There is also an option to lower or raise the hammock for your comfort.

The stand is 9 feet long and the hammock is 58” by 95” with a length of 144”. It can hold up to 450 lbs.

The Vivere Hammock is constructed with polyester end strings and thick, tightly woven cotton. If you like, you can also upgrade the cotton fabric to polyester or sunbrella fabric that resists fading and mildew.

Colors Choices

It comes in a vibrant, colorful pattern and you have the option of different striped colors.

Extra Things You Must Think About

The stand itself is easy to assemble to if you want to move it around your yard you may want to consider purchasing a wheel kit.

If you are considering using the hammock on anything other than the hammock stand, there are hook sets available that allow you to hang the hammock on a wall, veranda, pergola or gazebo.

Camping is also an option with this hammock, and there are tree straps available or chain hanging sets.

Why People Love It

This hammock is large and comfortable. It makes a great hammock for relaxing in your backyard. This hammock is easy to hook on to the stand and fold up nicely for storage in your garage. It has more weight to it than the ENO Hammock, and, for the sake of this ENO Hammock review, it would not be recommended for camping when you need to monitor the weight of your backpack.

Ease of Use 

This hammock is easy to use once the stand is in place. You simply hook it on to the end of each stand.

Assembly Time 

The stand requires setup, but most people find it takes just a few minutes to put the pieces together. Once the stand is up, you can leave it outside since it has a zinc coating.

Design Quality 

This hammock was designed for backyard use. It comfortably fits two people and has a small design so that it won’t take up too much space.

Warranty 4 Stars

The company offers a one-year warranty from the original purchase date to protect you from manufacturing defects.

3. Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock

Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock Two Person Bed with 2 Tree Straps for Backyard, Porch, Outdoor and Indoor Use - Soft Woven Cotton Fabric (Natural)
  • Ultra-Comfortable Cocoon of Weightlessness - Enjoy a relaxed feeling of weightlessness in this super comfortable hammock. This Brazilian Double Hammock is exclusively made with tightly woven threading and stitching. This specialized fabric design gives you a feeling of surreal buoyancy, as you float carefree above the ground.
  • Easily Fits 2 People + Bedding Extras - This hammock is capable of comfortably holding 2 people and up to 475lbs in total weight. Its extra-long length of 144 Inches from loop to loop, allows both people to completely stretch out, while still having extra room for pillows and blankets.
  • Soft Breathable Cotton Fabric - Every cotton fiber is made from hand-spun cotton, which means every thread is ultra-soft and non-allergenic. All of the fabric is breathable and wicks away sweat and moisture. Make sure your skin is clean and dry, regardless of the indoor or outdoor setting you hang and swing in this hammock.
  • Adult, Child & Pet-Friendly - Small children and pets are protected and won’t slip through this hammock. Its premium stitching guarantees adults, children and even small pets won’t fall through the tightly woven threading. This hammock is resilient and will stand-up to any jumping or rough-housing, that children or pets might put it through.
  • Convenient Portable Carry Bag + Simple To Set Up - Comes with a portable transportation bag that allows you to conveniently carry your Brazilian hammock anywhere you want. This carry bag comes with 2 premium carabiners and 2 high-quality long hanging straps. These attachments allow you to easily sling this entire hammock on your back and travel to any outdoor destination of your choosing.

For our ENO Hammock review, we also took a look at the Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock. This versatile hammock is great for your backyard or for camping.

Materials and Dimensions

This hammock is made from tightly woven cotton. It is 65% colorfast cotton and 35% polyester. The two person hammock is 144 “ by 59”. Because the hammock is made from cotton, it will stretch after one to two weeks of use. It contains a bag for storage made of the same material.

It has a weight limit of 475 lbs. It is recommended that you not leave the hammock out in the weather after use. You should store it between uses in a dry place.

Colors Choices

The Hammock Sky Brazilian Double model is available in three style choices: colorful stripes, off-white, and solid red.

Extra Things You Must Think About

The hammock does not come with straps or hooks. These will be an additional purchase.

Why People Love It

People love this hammock because it is soft and comfortable. It is great for backyard use or for camping as long as you store it properly.

Ease of Use 

This hammock easily folds up into a storage bag and can be easily unfolded. It only weighs 3.3 pounds, making it light enough for anyone to hang it.

Assembly Time

It only takes a minute or two to get the hammock ready.

Design Quality 

The design of this hammock is great for comfort. It is lightweight and soft. While this is a great hammock for relaxing, you do have to be careful when camping that you don’t get it wet or let it stay wet for long.

It is a bit heavier than the ENO Hammock, so if you want something small and lightweight for your hiking backpack, you may be better off with the ENO Hammock.

Warranty 5 Stars

The warranty on this hammock is the best of all we reviewed. It has a lifetime guarantee.

4. Hammocks Rada Yucatan Hammock

Handmade Hammocks - Hammocks Rada Handmade Yucatan Hammock - Artisan Crafted in Central America - Natural, Fits Most 12.5 Ft. - 13 Ft. Stands - Carries Up to 550 Lbs for Two
  • IT’S ALL IN THE FAMILY: Since 1974, this family-based business has proudly combined their own threads in Yucatan, Mexico with Ancient Mayan weaving techniques.
  • HANG TEN AND THEN SOME: At 13 feet long (fits stands 12.5 ft. - 13 ft.), there’s plenty of room on these handmade hammocks for lounging the day away.
  • MAYAN MADE YUCATAN HAMMOCK: The best of both worlds, we perfect the materials and then have them sent over to be traditionally woven in Central America.
  • PARTY OF TWO IS A GIVEN: Because you can hold up to 550 ft. and still expect a comfortable sway that’ll stay for as long as you care to, so you can enjoy it together.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If for any reason you’re not sold on our Yucatan Hammocks, please contact us for your money back.

The Hammocks Rada Yucatan hammock is handmade in Yucatan, Mexico. For our ENO Hammock review, we’ve taken a look at this favorite hammock to see how it compares to the durable ENO hammock.

Materials and Dimensions

The Hammocks Rada Yucatan hammock is made from a cotton and nylon blend by local Mayan artisans. The tightly woven fabric is a technique used for centuries in Mexico. The hammock is large enough for two people. Its dimensions are 12.5 ft by 13 ft.

Colors Choices

There are about seven different color choices, ranging from natural tones to more vibrant blues and greens.

Extra Things You Must Think About

The hammock does not come with straps or hooks. These will be an additional purchase. The fabric is mostly cotton, so you can’t leave it outside during harsh weather; and it’s recommended that you store it somewhere dry between each use.

The tightly woven fabric is also delicate, so you need to watch out for shoes or anything that can pull or tear it,like a belt buckle or buttons.

Why People Love It

People seem to love this hammock because of the soft cotton and large spread.

Ease of Use 3 Stars

It’s lightweight, coming in at less than three pounds, and easy to hang. You do have to be careful not to tangle the hanging strings or else it gets a bit tricky. Once in the hammock, it is very comfortable. You have to be more careful with this hammock as opposed to the more durable ENO hammock.

Assembly Time 

It only takes a few minutes to set up.

Design Quality 

The design makes this hammock very comfortable for relaxing; however, because of the fabric and the potential to snag or tear, this would make a better hammock for your backyard than for a harsh weather camping trip.


The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but we could not find specifics on their warranty or how long it may last.


In our ENO hammock review, we give the DoubleNest hammock five stars. It is durable and lightweight, making it a great addition to your camping trip.

It provides a stable place to sleep without worrying about the fabric and the weather. It dries easily and packs up in an instant. This is the ideal hammock for sleeping outdoors.

The great thing about this hammock is that it’s not only great for the adventurous hiker, but also for hanging in a tree in your backyard for a quiet afternoon nap.

Not only does it provide comfort and ease of use, it’s also constructed in a way that reduces product waste.

We like that the company makes every attempt to reduce their waste, at the same time delivering a well-constructed hammock that you can count on even when you are deep in the woods.

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