How to Play an Exciting Game of Slip and Slide Kickball

How to Play an Exciting Game of Slip and Slide Kickball

Summertime is here, and it is time to get outside and play. It is the time of year for family reunions, summer camps, youth retreats, corporate team building, and just having fun, regardless of how old you are.

There are many team sports to choose from that will surely delight the young and old, such as softball, tug of war, and kickball. This year spice up the tried and true by putting a spin on an old favorite and challenge yourself to a game of slip and slide kickball.

What Is Slip and Slide Kickball?

Slip and slide kickball is a twist on a childhood favorite that is fun for the whole family and people of all ages. Adding water to any sport jacks up the fun and is a way to beat the summer heat that usually accompanies outdoor activities.

This fun twist to regular kickball taps into your inner child and you can’t help but laugh as you slip and slide your way around the bases. 

And if you don’t want to physically get involved, there are still plenty of opportunities for laughter on the sidelines as you watch others attempt to navigate the slippery course hoping to score a run for their team.

What Makes Slip and Slide Kickball Different?

The rules to slip and slide kickball are like regular kickball; but with a twist. You can also alter the rules of this fun family-friendly sport to make it fit your team.

The only absolute must in slip and slide kickball is to have fun and be safe! The slippery terrain is sure to add humor to the field, but it also adds the possibility of injury, so use caution!

What Do You Need to Play?

The best part about slip and slide kickball is that it’s fun while also being relatively inexpensive to create, and you might have some of thenecessary materials already lying around the house.

If you don’t, don’t worry; the materials are easy to get and won’t break the bank either! There are many variations to choose from, so you can get as creative as you want.

Also, you can find all the materials you need at your local store or online. Nothing has to be specially ordered, and you can make economically wise decisions to fit your budget.


  1. 1Four (4) slip’ n slides or for a less expensive option. You can use drop cloths, plastic sheeting, or tarps. The width and the length are entirely up to you and the group of people you are creating the game for.
  2. 2Twenty-four (24) plastic heavy-duty or metal tent spikes. If you use slip’ n slides, they will come with spikes to secure them into the ground so they don’t move while you are playing.
  3. 3Five (5) inflatable kiddie pools. The sturdier these are the better, because you’ll want them to hold up for hours of play; and they can be reused for another round later.
  4. 4Dish soap or liquid laundry detergent. Baby shampoo is also an option, especially if playing with younger kids, as there is less possibility of irritation to the eyes. Baby oil is another option to choose from.
  5. 5Four (4) buckets filled with water
  6. 6A continuous supply of water from a garden hose. This is highly recommended, as you will have to refill the pools and keep the slides wet during play.
  7. 7Kickball or soft volleyball.
  8. 8A level grassy area. A flat area is best to allow for greater traction while trying to stay on the slide. Do not set this up on concrete or near gravel, as this could cause injury and ruin the slides and pools.

Set Up

Slip and slide kickball is easy and fun to set up with just a little prep work. We highly recommend a flat grassy area to make slipping into the bases easier and more fun. Blow up the kiddie pools and place them where you want first, second, third, and home bases to be.

Layout your slides or tarps to make a diamond for your field. Once you are happy with the layout, fill the pools with water. 

Place a bucket full of water next to each kiddie pool. Secure the slides to the ground using the spikes that either came with the slip ‘n slides or some tent spikes.

Add a spike to each corner of the slide and in the middle to keep it in place. Have all players acknowledge where they are located to avoid injury while playing. 

Place the fifth pool where the pitcher’s mound will be and fill it with water. Coat the slides with the soap of your choice and then saturate with water.

It is always best to keep the slides wet, but you don’t have keep water flowing on them all the time. You can spray them down with a hose or use the extra buckets of water to keep the slides wet throughout the game.

What Are the Rules of Slip and Slide Kickball?

What Are the Rules of Slip and Slide Kickball

There are a few different variations of slip and slide kickball to choose from. It is important to be safe while playing because the water and soap make for a slippery experience that can cause injury from falling or players colliding with each other.  

You can have players run in the grass alongside the slide and then slip into the pool at the end. You can also stop the slide a few feet from the pool to allow traction as the player tries to reach for the pool. You can modify the set up to create the safest field for your players.

Option One

First, divide up all the players into Team A and Team B. Team A kicks first and Team B takes positions on the field. Assign a player to each base, a catcher, a pitcher, and the rest of the team can spread out. 

The first kicker for Team A will stand in front of the home base pool. Have the pitcher gently roll the ball to the kicker. There are no strikes, balls, or maximum outs. Every player on Team A kicks the ball before swapping sides. The kicker will run and slip and slide their way to first base. 

If some part of the body is touching the pool, you are safe. You must touch the base before Team B returns the ball to the pitcher’s pool. If the ball makes it to the pool before you make it to base, you are out. Players are not tagged out in mid-run or at the bases. Players are not required to run to the next base when another kicker is kicking. 

There can be multiple runners on the bases and multiple runners can go for the same base at one time. As long as you make it to the next base before the ball makes it back to the pitcher’s pool, you are safe. After all players on Team A have kicked the ball, swap teams so Team B is up to kick and Team A takes the field. No one can steal bases or lead off. If you are not touching the base and the ball is in the pitcher’s pool, you are out.

Option Two

A variation to option one would be the standard kickball game rules. Divide up the players into two teams and decide which team is going to kick first. The other team takes their places in the field.

The outfield players can tag a player out while in mid-run or at the base if the runner is not touching the base. You can also make a rule of only one player on a base at a time and players must attempt the next base when a kicker kicks the ball.

If you have a more competitive team, you can add outs, balls, and strikes. This is where you get to be creative and make the rules that match the personalities and capabilities of the players. If everyone agrees to these rules, you can make the rules anything you want. 


Slip and slide kickball

Summertime is a great time to get people together to enjoy outdoor activities. Whether it is kids playing at summer camp or a family gathering, games are a great way to bring people together. Slip and slide kickball is a fun twist on an old playground favorite that is fun for all ages.

What makes this game so fun is there are so many ways to set up your field and varying rules you can choose from. Anything goes if you are safe and having fun. With a few materials and laughs at the ready, you will be slipping and sliding into memories for years to come.


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