A Kicking Comeback: Old Sports That are Regaining Popularity

Sports Regaining Popularity

You’d be surprised at all the different sports that you’ve never heard of.

Goose pulling, fox throwing, and cock throwing are all sports we’re probably glad aren’t around anymore.

I don’t think anyone wants to watch a game of goose pulling anymore where competitors ride a horse towards a goose tied to a pole and try to see if they can pull the goose’s head off as they ride by.

No, thank you.

However, there are some “extinct” sports that people still really enjoy, even if the game has changed or evolved a bit.

These new and improved extinct sports are creating new fans and intriguing a lot of people.

Here are just a couple of the sports that have started to make a reappearance from back in the good ol’ days to knights in shining armor.

Old Sports That are Coming Back

Pigeon Shooting

This sport sounds pretty brutal.

It used to be part of the early modern Olympic Games until people decided that they didn’t like live animals being a part of the sport.

It used to be exactly how it sounds.

It’s a pretty simple game, but people didn’t like seeing all the birds drop out of the sky.

However, now the sport has changed to involve a little less bloodshed.

Have you ever heard of “clay pigeons”?

Clay pigeons are small clay discs that are thrown into the air instead of live pigeons. This small change has created a better sport for people to watch, which increased its popularity.

There are many safety measures that go into clay pigeon shooting to ensure that everyone stays safe while there are guns being used.

There are also eye and ear protection used so that there is no damage to the ears or eyes.

A lot of people are apprehensive about trying a sport with firearms but don’t let that stop you!

Just make sure that you’re familiar with all the safety precautions when handling a gun. Some people like teaching their kids about firearms while they’re young so that they understand that they’re not a toy and how to use one safely.

Of course, this is up to the judgment of the parents.

There are clubs and organizations that people can join to participate in pigeon shooting. It also continues to be a sport in the Summer Olympics.


You probably have a picture in your head of what jousting is. Two knights in shining armor riding toward one another and trying to knock the other off their horse with a long spear called a lance.

That may have been the sport from long ago, but obviously, people don’t do that anymore.

Modern-day jousting is quite tricky. Competitors must ride down an 80-yard long track with a lance. The goal is to get three small rings onto your lance as you ride by them!

You may even have to have better aim with jousting than with pigeon shooting!

That’s not all.

You’re timed as well. Riders must make it through the course in 9 seconds with all three rings on their lance although a lot of experienced riders can do it much faster than 9 seconds!

Riders get three chances to run a track in each division. They can get more points each run they do, which helps get their scores higher and higher.

As you complete each division, the rings get smaller and smaller! The smallest is just a quarter-inch in diameter!

Of course, you have to continue beating the mandatory time of 9 seconds as well.

I bet jousting sounds a little more fun now, right?

Long-Sword Fighting

I’m sure you have a favorite movie with an epic sword fight in it.

Those sword fights are always so epic and amazing to watch! A competitor must be able to strike his opponent without opening up a spot to get hit.

Long-sword fighting has now become an organized sport that is growing in popularity.

Don’t worry, the winner of the match isn’t determined by the one that’s left standing alive.

Sword fighters today use steel swords with unsharpened edges and blunt points so that a friendly match doesn’t turn into a bloodbath.

Competitors also wear a lot of protective gear to help them remain safe.

However, this doesn’t mean that competitors walk away without injury. You’ll still see a lot of injuries and bruising with this sport.

A sport that involves hitting with a giant steel sword is bound to produce some injury here and there.

There are strict rules for the sport that competitors must abide by.

Long-sword fighting is part of HEMA (historical European martial arts) and has created a unique fan base.

There is a long-point tournament that started in 2011 with only 60 participants. Now, the tournament is the largest HEMA tournament in North America!

This is due to a rising interest in the ancient sport.


Gone are the days when shooting a bow and arrow are strictly for self-defense or hunting.

Archery is becoming more of a popular sport as people start to realize the true talent that it takes to be good at it.

Archery is a sport that is included in the Summer Olympics, and for a good reason too!

Most people are familiar with the sport that involves shooting arrows are targets and trying to get a bullseye.

However, archery is so much more than that! There are lots of different kinds of archery that people can participate in.

For example, one form of archery requires the competitor to ride a horse with the bow and arrow all while trying to aim for a target.

Talk about a challenge!

Another version of archery is called Ski Archery.

You can guess what this involves.

Ready for this?

Competitors must ski down a hill while using their bow and arrow to shoot targets!

This incorporates two sports in one!

Not only do you have to be good at archery, but you also need to be a great skier!

Being good enough at two sports to be able to compete in something like ski archery would be a major challenge.

This is something that people are recognizing and starting to respect.

It seems as though the more difficult a sport is, the more it piques people’s interest.

And ski archery is a challenging sport.

The Final Goal: Bringing the Sports Back

Don’t get me wrong:

Baseball, football, and soccer are all fine sports!

However, these less popular sports that are starting to make their way back to popularity might have something different to offer your or your kids.

All sports can teach you something, whether it’s persistence, strength, teamwork, or dedication. So what can these “extinct” sports teach you?

Branch out from your regular everyday habits and try something new. You may find your hidden talent or unknown passion.

It’s important to try a lot of things in life because you’ll never know what you’re missing unless you branch out a little.

These less popular sports may be what you’re looking for!

Long live sports!

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