Wavestorm Paddle Board Review: A Popular Brand to Choose

Wavestorm Paddle Board Review

In this Wavestorm Paddle Board review, we’ll take a look at one of the more popular paddle board brands that are readily available, and explore the different features of their products.

Paddle boarding can be a great form of exercise and even a form of transportation in some situations.

In recent years, paddle boarding has become a favorite activity, and all kinds of paddle board companies have started offering products for different activities and skill levels.

Most paddle boards are designed for flat water environments, but some can be used in water that isn’t completely flat.

What is the Wavestorm Paddle Board?

The Wavestorm Paddle Board is a standing paddle board that allows a person to stand on it similarly to a surfboard but uses a paddle to create movement.

By standing to paddle, a greater area of the body becomes engaged in the activity. People of all ages and sizes can use a paddle board for both fun and a way to get around.

Paddle boards are frequently referred to as Stand-Up Paddle boards or SUPs. These boards take some practice to use, but generally can be mastered in a short amount of time.

Paddleboards have been used as a mode of transportation but are primarily used for recreation on calm waters that are mainly flat.

This Wavestorm Paddle Board review will go over all of the features of these SUPs and how they compare to some of the competitor products. Although paddle boards can be quite costly, there are low-cost alternatives that fit any lifestyle.

Some paddle boards are inflatable, while others are rigid, and the Wavestorm Paddle Board is an excellent example of a paddle board that is an excellent value for the cost.

Paddle boards can be used on rivers, lakes, oceans, or near the beach as long as the waters are calm and relatively flat. Choppy water can make it difficult to stand on these boards.

Product Specifications

The Wavestorm Paddle Board was a product that at one time was carried by the company Costco, and was also available as a two pack for a limited time.

While Wavestorm makes a variety of paddle boards and other recreational boards, their paddle boards have some helpful features that make them an ideal choice for casual paddlers.

Their paddle boards are typically over nine feet in length with the average being about 9-10.5 feet. The construction of the board makes it stable over all parts, which is exactly what a beginner paddle boarder needs when getting started.

The Wavestorm paddle boards can hold between 250 and 300 pounds and have a total volume of around 200 liters that helps create their stability in the water. The core of these boards is polystyrene with a waterproof skin applied over the top.

These paddle boards feature a removable fin so that they can be more easily stored, and unlike inflatable paddle boards, they’ll need a place to be stored flat or on their sides.

Other parts of the paddle board include a leash that connects to the ankle and keeps the paddler and board together when the paddler falls.

The paddle included with these paddle boards is adjustable to suit riders of different heights, and the end of the paddle has a nub that contours to the palm of the hand and makes it more comfortable to use.

The outer part of the paddle board also has more to it than initially meets the eye, including colorful graphics in unique designs.

Some paddle boards will be primarily one solid color, but most brands will opt for a distinctive design that gets their product noticed when being used out on the water.

Colors can vary, but the current offerings from Wavestorm are mostly shades of blue.

The bottom of the paddleboard and the color of the fin can vary depending on what the brand chooses for their paddleboards that season and the different models offered, but the most recent line of Wavestorm paddle boards had either blue or white bottoms and fins that were solid black.

The deck, or top part of the paddle board where the rider stands is also textured on the Wavestorm paddle boards, and this serves a few purposes:

  • It gives the rider a hint regarding where their feet should be when paddling
  • Provides traction as the boards will get wet
  • Outlines the area where passengers can stand or sit when not paddling

Most experienced riders won’t need as many breaks as beginners when paddling and may also not need a reminder of where they can stand on the paddle board without falling off. Having the textured foot area is also a bonus if you decide to bring along a pet such as your dog.

On the front part of the board, there is often some stretchy cording that serves as the storage area on the paddle board. This area is typically where a paddler will stow their life jacket when not in use, or other items they’ll need if they are on a more extended trip.

Wavestorm also makes paddle boards designed more specifically for expeditions, and they also have a model just for kids.


The rigid Wavestorm paddle board that measures 9.5 feet retails on the Wavestorm website for a standard retail price of $599 but is on sale for $399.

This particular model of paddle board is the only one currently listed on the Wavestorm website, and the bundle sold by Costco has been discontinued.

This paddleboard may also be available on other websites such as Amazon, but the pricing is inconsistent and almost always more than on the Wavestorm website.

How it Compares

Many different kinds of SUPs are comparable to the Wavestorm brand, and often their construction and styling are remarkably similar.

In this Wavestorm Paddle Board review, we want to offer up an alternative to stationary paddle boards, and our inflatable paddle board recommendations are the perfect complement for comparing to a rigid board.

1. Serene Life Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) with Premium SUP Accessories & Carry Bag, Wide Stance, Bottom Fin for Paddling, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck, Youth & Adult Standing Boat

Ease of Use 4/5 Stars

Assembly Time 4.6/5 Stars

Build Quality 4.7/5 Stars

The Serene Life Inflatable SUP has an attractive turquoise top with a black textured foot area and three different black fins on the bottom.

Since this board needs to be inflated before use, it also comes with a bicycle style pump, travel bag for storage, and the customary paddle and leash.

Inflatable paddle boards will never last as long as a rigid board, even with the best care. The Serene Life paddle board is relatively easy to set up and use in a short amount of time, and also has relatively good quality construction as reported by many users.

One drawback is that this paddle board has to be inflated before it can be used, but the advantage here is that it’s much easier to store and transport wherever you want to go.

There is also a storage area on the deck as with the Wavestorm models, and the triple fins offer greater maneuverability than the single fin on the Wavestorm paddle board.

The price of this board is also similar to the Wavestorm model, but it comes with a repair kit and an adjustable paddle that breaks down for more accessible storage. This paddle board also comes in other colors such as black, blue, and green.

2. Atoll 11′ Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Atoll 11' Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick, 32 inches Wide) ISUP, Bravo Hand Pump and 3 Piece Paddle, Travel Backpack and Accessories New Leash Included

Ease of Use 4.7/5 Stars

Assembly Time 4.7/5 Stars

Build Quality 5/5 Stars

The Atoll inflatable SUP measures in at 11 feet long and 6 inches thick, which makes it a substantial paddle board that offers greater stability than some other brands. This paddle board is available in desert sand, green, and blue colors.

As with other inflatable paddle boards, this product comes with a carrying case, air pump, leash, and an adjustable paddle.

The textured foot area and storage area on this paddle board are more significant than the others on our list, which makes it ideal for longer trips or instances where more gear is needed.

The retail price of this board is a bit higher than the other products on our list, but the construction of this board seems to be responsible for the increased cost.

There are also other advantages to this paddle board including that the fin is replaceable with all kinds of universal fins, and the total weight limit when in the water is 350 pounds which is significantly higher than other products.

A recent addition to this paddle board bundle is the inclusion of an extra-extra-long and robust leash made from a flexible poly material.

One unique feature that this paddle board has is that it can dry while folded up in the bag provided that the bag is open.

3. Pathfinder Inflatable SUP

Pathfinder Inflatable SUP Stand-up Paddleboard Bundle

Ease of Use 4.5/5 Stars

Assembly Time 4.6/5 Stars

Build Quality 4.4/5 Stars

The Pathfinder Inflatable SUP comes as part of a complete kit as with many other inflatable paddle boards and includes an air pump, carrying bag, and adjustable paddle.

This paddle board only comes in blue and orange and features a single fin. At just under ten feet long and five inches thick, this paddle board is sturdy but still easy to transport.

This paddle board, as with the others, has a large deck pad that provides a textured area to stand on. There is also a modestly sized storage area for stashing cargo, and a single D-ring where the leash is attached.

As with the other paddle boards, the fin on this product is detachable but can’t be replaced with any universal fin like the Atoll paddle board. There is also a valve wrench included, and the aluminum paddle disassembles for storage inside the carrying bag.

This paddle board is on the lower end of the cost spectrum, but users report that it works very well and is durable enough for multiple years of use.

One drawback to this paddle board is that the valves may not be as durable as the valves on other models. Like with the Serene Life paddle board, a repair kit is also included.

Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons to consider when buying a paddle board. Our list below explores some of those items as they apply to the Wavestorm paddle boards.


  • Made from durable polystyrene and a waterproof skin
  • Optimal shape for floating and stability
  • Has storage straps for secure storage
  • Light enough to carry easily
  • Available as part of a 2-pack bundle, and in different lengths
  • Attractive skin and textured standing area
  • Expedition version and kids’ options available


  • Max passenger weight of 250- 300 pounds
  • Permanent fins that can’t be changed
  • More substantial than other boards made from carbon fiber
  • More difficult to maneuver than a fiberglass paddle board


The Wavestorm Paddle Boards offer a great value at a reasonable cost when compared to other rigid and inflatable paddle boards.

The Wavestorm paddle boards feature a design that is perfect for both beginners and advanced users, and their durability is excellent given their cost.

The generous size of this board makes it very stable in the water, which is excellent for when the water conditions aren’t ideal. This paddle board is also relatively light, which makes it easier to transport using the handy storage strap.

The polystyrene core and waterproof skin are the perfect combination of materials for long term durability, and these materials are also a better option than fiberglass. One drawback is that the fins aren’t replaceable, and the weight limit is around 250 pounds.

The textured foot area is another critical feature that is consistently needed regardless of skill level, and the storage area in the front is perfect for stashing gear as you paddle around. The adjustable paddle makes this paddleboard perfect for paddlers of all heights.

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